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Aug 19, 2010 03:35 PM

Recommendations for dessert or sweets in Lawrence, KS

Hello all,

I'm supposed to bring a dessert or pastry for breakfast tomorrow at work. Just wondering what everyone's fav dessert or sweet treat is.

We usually get stuff from Muncher's or Dunkin Donuts, so wanted to see if there's some hidden gem I can wow everyone with tomorrow.


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  1. My kids love Sylas and Maddy's on Mass.

    1. Did anyone pick up the recipe for Douglas County Pie from Paradise Cafe? Anyone making one similar to the original?

      1. Wheatfields makes wonderful pastries. It will be more $$ than donuts though.

        1. Well, it looks like we're a little late for recommendations, eh? For next time, I'd rec Wheatfields pastries too. They make a larger variety on the weekends, and you can place special orders as well. As long as your coworkers appreciate the expense, they're worth the extra money.

          Another mention would be the cream scones from the bakery at the Merc. You'd definitely want to place a special order for those, because they're so popular they sell out some flavors quickly.

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            I occasionally visit my daughter and grandchildren in Lawrence and we usually have scones from The Merc at some point during our visit. Wheatfield's is a place I have heard many positive reviews on - but I have not yet sampled anything from there.