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Aug 19, 2010 03:22 PM

Anodised pan rescue remedy?

We recently bought 6 anodised pans which were not supposed to be put in the dishwasher - However, 2 of them found their way in and now the outside of the pan is patchily discoloured and looks a bit tatty.

(it should look like the pan on the right - the patchy one is on the left)

Is there anything we can buy to restore them? - or is it just tough luck...we should have read the label sooner!?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. It could have been worse. My guess is that part of the color layer has been removed, so this is it.

    *Edit* Just want to add that you probably only thinly stripped the color layer and not the entire anodized layer. As far as cooking performance goes, it should work just fine.

    1. There are specialty metal plating shops that can strip, pickle and hard-anodize again for you, but unless they have great sentimental value, it would probably be less expensive to buy replacements. And good luck matching the color, shade and finish.

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        I was a product developer for cookware at a major Canadian retailer and I can tell you they will work just fine with the blotchy outside.

        I would be very wary about getting the pan recoated because they may not be using food safe finishes, they may not be able to match the desired finish or they could mess up the non stick surfaces.

        You have a couple of options.
        1. Live with them as they are.

        2. replace the pans that are marked.

        3. My cousin puts all his hard anodized pans in the dishwasher and I was shocked when I went to visit. His response, "Oh well this way they all match." Not the best solution but it works for him.

      2. Our All-Clad LTD cookware has found its way in and out of the dishwasher dozens of times (despite all the warnings not to) and whenever we want to bring the exterior back to its unblemished, black anodized color, I use some of the pre-packed cleaner powder purchased for soaking out parts of our espresso equipment. Product is sold under 'Cafizza' name and is readily available from any of the great mail order espresso supply vendors (1st Line is our vendor). Make a paste of the Cafizza on our nylon bristle scrub brush, wet the outside (and inside) of the pan, apply and scrub every inch. Takes maybe 5 minutes per pot and then rinse thoroughly followed by washing out with regular dish soap. For once dry by hand and the results are almost like new. Cafizza is probably something like TSP so don't get it anywhere near your eyes, etc. but it really works. The same product used for soaking espresso machine components and our ss french press screens is very very effective for those purposes