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Finally decided...Vetri

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After reading everything in sight on this board and winnowing it down, we've finally decided on our Saturday "splurge" dinner: Vertri and the degustation menu. I don't mind spending $200 per person or slightly north of that for a memorable meal with good wine and service. Have I chosen well?

Chris in New Orleans

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  1. You have, it's hard to go wrong with Vetri.

    1. You will not be disappointed, especially if fine Italian is hard to find in NO. Please post back on your whole Philly dining experience

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        Too much of our Italian is "Creole-Italian", sort of a hybrid that is mostly red sauce-based. Not that it's bad, but I crave something much more ambitious. Thanks much, I'll have much to report when I return back 5 lbs. heavier!

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          Have a fantastic meal, Sanglier. We were hoping to eat there during our upcoming trip to Philly but Vetri will be closed from August 28 (or -9th) for about a week. :-(

      2. oh you have chosen very well. go with the wine pairing or at least allow them to choose a bottle for you they have a great list.

        1. You have chosen very well. I have been twice, and it is nothing short of spectacular. The sommelier will take excellent care of you, and they also have an extensive beer list that my boyfriend quite enjoyed. I was there two weeks ago and it is incredible. The spinach gnocchi is my favorite and the grilled turbot. We also had a plum tart with almond gelato that was decadent. The only thing I was less than impressed with were the rib caps, but if you choose the tasting menu, I doubt this will be served. If you like coffee, there is a vintage espresso maker that cranks out cappuccinos that rate as high as those I have had in Rome. I hope you have an excellent time.

          1. Will be dining there myself on 08/27 - it is my current #1 "need to visit" in the US and I'm hoping it stacks up nicely.


            1. sanglier, is your dinner for tonight? my friend was able to snag a 7:30 res for 3 on opentable the other day (how?!!!) so we're going tonight for the grand tasting menu as well. i can't wait to report back & hear your take, too!! ironically, i started the day out with a meal on the farrrrrrr other side of the spectrum: french toast, hashbrowns, coffee and OJ for $7.50 at the dew inn at 5th and girard. this is my first day of food after a week of being sick! oh, food. i missed you so.

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                can't wait to hear sanglier's thoughts on vetri!

                i dined there saturday night, and left much fuller, drunker and poorer. :) we all did the grand tasting menu, with the wine pairing. check, after tip, for one (yes 1): $294. officially the most expensive meal i have ever eaten not on an expense account. i am really big on value - you know, looking at what i paid and asking myself if it was worth it. after getting reeeeeally spendy at fish recently, i looked at the total bill and without question, went: "yup, that was worth every penny." would i say the same thing here? hard to say, but i think the answer is 'no' for me. i know i am glad i got to experience what will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime thing (kinda like the la croix brunch is gonna be for me, one of these days). the wine we had was damn good. i mean, i had the best glass of wine there i've ever tasted in my life. (and i promptly forgot which course it came with, so i'm not sure which one it was on the menus they sent us home with) the sommelier was great and the service in the adorable dining room was smooth. they've obviously paid a lot of attention to little details, which i certainly appreciate, right down to the to-go bag each person gets containing two muffins and the wine and food menus for the evening.

                so my entire table did the grand tasting menu, though i did a pescatarian one. first a prosecco and an amuse bouche of four bites. two were fantastic: shaved radishes (i think??) and a watermelon salad with anise. something mushroom and a fish bite were okay. i don't have my take-home menu in front of me and i'm forgetting the first couple courses, but the most memorable thing brought out was a baked ricotta with an heirloom tomato salad and basil atop. so rich and perfect with the wine they brought out for that course, and served family-style. i wanted to pause and rewind that one. after that two pasta courses followed (spinach gnocchi (was it gnocchi? spinach something, anyway) - another fantastic standout. after that was a salmon dish with fig... oh the figs were so good. salmon isn't my favorite fish, and it wasn't my favorite presentation, and plus i was stuffed to the gills anyway. desserts were good but not stellar (except for the raspberry cake - that was amazing). we left, as i said, stuffed, drunk, with a touch of sticker shock, but overall happy that we got to try such a legendary place. i guess i was hoping for more seafood, and more crazy presentations - things i'd really have to struggle to recreate at home. like that baked ricotta. yum.