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Aug 19, 2010 02:05 PM

Baltimore girl coming to Eat Real Food Fest! Any advice?

My brother lives in the Bay Area, so I decided to take the opportunity to visit him and the Eat Real Food Fest ( at the same time.

I am so excited to check out all of the lovely street food and workshops but don't really know where to start.

Any advice on must-see things to do or eat?

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  1. Based on last year would recommend getting there early whichever day you go.

    Friday's ice cream thing might be interesting.

    4505 Meats is sure to have something interesting.

    Vesta Flatbread, Gerard's Paella and Roli Roti are always a good eat.

    I recognize about 1/2 the vendors on the list but will be deciding what to eat based on what they are offering and the lines. Chop Bar last year did a really tasty roast pig but it wasn't ready until later in the afternoon.

    My understanding is that vendors are offering small portions, more taste-like and nothing over $5. Which means you'll have to stand in more lines to get full.

    Would love to hear which vendors people like in general.

    But I really enjoyed it last year and am looking forward to this year's!

    The Lit Fest on all three days should be interesting, check the schedule.

    Roli Roti
    , Hayward, CA

    4505 Meats
    1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA 94111, CA

    Gerard's Paella
    121 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental, CA 95465

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    1. re: Celery

      Getting there early is definitely the way to go. Last year on the Saturday we was onsite before 10, and managed to sample quite a few things before the lines got ridiculous (12:30ish). Maybe we missed out on a couple of items as they were not yet prepared, but we left full and had used all the beer tickets we purchased without having to stand in lines.

    2. In addition to the good advice from "Celery", here's a link to the reports on last year's festival to give you a sense of the event.

      1. avoid the hype around seoul on wheels. i came early to eat one of their tacos, so i avoided the supposedly long lines it attracted later in the day. when i grabbed the taco to eat it, the tortilla wilted like dry parchment on a hot day.

        my fav from last year was no doubt chop bar's roasted pig. damn fine pork! and the sauce was fantastic.

        and ive had roli roti at the ferry plaza farmers market in SF. their sandwich is pretty good, which they will serve (albeit in a smaller size).

        i went early on the sunday last year and found the lines manageable. i think the event will attract a lot more people this year, so it would be best to get there early.

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        1. re: majordanby

          Thanks for the advice everyone! I will try to get there early and sort of scope out the places without long lines.

          Baltimore has absolutely zero street food (save one burger cart and a few lonely hot dog carts) so I am mainly just excited to see the options.

          p.s. this is my first Chowhound reply to apologies if I am doing it in the wrong place...

          1. re: majordanby

            Of the places on the list I've been to:

            4505 meats - If they're serving hamburgers, they make one excellent burger. Also try their chicharrones, which are awesome.

            Spencer on the go - the escargot lollipop puff things are worth trying once

            I agree on seoul on wheels' tacos - last time the tortillas were dry and crumbly. They may have changed them since then though.

          2. Oh, remember to bring your own water bottle or reusable cup to refill on site. In an effort to cut down on trash, cups were in short supply last year.

            1. nick's taco, seoul on wheels, and basically anything made beforehand was a disappointment.
              exception was the creme brule guy- a must!
              look for foods made on site at jls.. unfortunately, these will have lines.