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Aug 19, 2010 12:58 PM

Toronto Sommelier/Foodie in town for one night

Hello Atlantans!

My Dad and I are taking a quick 24hr. trip down to Atlanta from Toronto to watch the Ravens/Falcons NFL game on Nov. 11 (I know, it sounds rediculous). I wanted to ask for some advise as to where to go out to eat some authentic Atlanta/Georgia regional food somewhere close to the Georgia Dome. We are very much into Barbeque and all things pork related as well.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.


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  1. Busy Bee Cafe is within walking distance (1mi.) of the Dome - southern/soul food noted for beelicious fried chicken - they have pork dishes, but I am not sure if it's notable.

    Silver Skillet serves delicious skillet country ham with red eye gravy - fork tender, if you can go on a salt bender, with a caffeine fix in the red eye gravy. Breakfast anytime, or lunch after 11 AM but closes at 2 PM (2:30 PM weekends) 3.5 miles, 10 min. from the Dome.


    Daddy D'z is closest and known especially for pork ribs, and blues on Friday and Saturday night. 2 miles, 8 min. from the Dome. I haven't eaten there and can't give a personal recommendation. Some swear by it. Beer & Wine Only

    Harold's, known for cracklin' corn bread (cracklins are little pieces of pork fat, or ham skin which are left crisp and brown after the lard or fat has been rendered from them and are cooked into the bread), and a mix of professionals, politicians, cops, and blue collar workers. Located near the federal penitentiary - 4 miles, 15 min from the Dome. I have eaten there and it's good, unique atmosphere, and interesting place to go but not my favorite pork BBQ. No alcohol.

    Fox Bros is known for Texas style BBQ if you want beef brisket, but their pork is good too. Has "different" appetizers like tater tots smothered in Brunswick stew or chili with cheese. 5 miles, 15 min from the Dome. I've eaten their BBQ but not at this location. I liked it and it was chunky the way I like it, not chopped. Full Bar

    My favorite BBQ near Atlanta is in Decatur at Community BBQ, or their "brother" restaurants in neighboring Cobb County. It's not close to the Dome. 8 miles, 20 min. east in Decatur. I love their 3 cheese mac and cheese. Visible pink smoke rings and it's even good without the sauce IMO. No alcohol.

    Silver Skillet
    200 14th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

    Daddy D'z
    264 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

    Busy Bee Cafe
    810 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314