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Aug 19, 2010 12:55 PM

Hate that fishy fish smell when you cook that fish?????

Well here you go, I have found it to work 100% for me. Got to stop it BEFORE it starts.
You lay fresh lettuce, I've used iceberg or green lettuce. Line the bottom of pan you plan to use, then continue with your fish cooking. Somehow someway that fishy smell does not even get started. Try it it will work. Good LUCK. (i HAVE ONLY USED THIS METHOD IN THE OVEN, NOT SURE ABOUT HOW IT WILL DO ON THE STOVE TOP)

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  1. i love the smell of seafood and fish. but when it smells fishy, i think maybe it's not the freshest. so another remedy is to get fresher fish..... hope this didn't come out the wrong way!

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    1. re: eLizard

      Fresh fish has a decidedly sweet aroma; fishy smelling fish has seen better days. That is the kind of fish restaurants dump lots of spicy/strong/flavorful sauces on as it is being plated.

    2. I'm going to try this. For some reason, we cannot get the freshest fish here (and I'm in the Boston metrowest area!). Once in a while, I'll find some that doesn't smell like it's a day or two old, but everything I buy at Whole Foods has that slightly fishy aroma--still safe to eat and tasty when cooked, but not super fresh.
      Thank you.

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      1. re: Isolda

        Isolda, If you like fish, check out Is is a CSA model and the fish is caught the same day you get it.
        Also if yuo are in metrowest, check out Captaim Mardens in wellesley, great fish

        1. re: cassoulady

          I have bought from Captain Marden's before and it was good, but it's not usually on my shopping route, so it's always a special trip. I will check out the cape ann site, though. There's no reason why we shouldn't get great fish here!
          ETA: I just went to their site and wow, great prices! They have a pick-up site that is a reasonable distance for me, so I will definitely look into joining.
          Thank you!

          1. re: Isolda

            The Cape Ann Fish is a great deal, for both you and the fishermen [they are all men at the moment.] Be prepared to eat a lot of white fish, but man, the quality can't be beat. And talk about fresh! Very often the fish we have received were in the water less than three or four hours before we were cooking it. Now that is fresh!

            1. re: smtucker

              I 100% agree. Even on days when i pick up the fish but dont cook it for a few days it si still so much fresher than anything in the store. If you dont eat a lot of fish, maybe you can find a friend to split the share with. they offer whole fish, fileted fish or an alternating share.

      2. It aint fresh if it smells fishy!

        1. Soaking the fish in milk for 30 minutes to a few hours helps remove excess fishiness and can liven up older fillets.

          1. My god, I am not eating or cooking bad fish. Fish has a smell of fish when you cook it, Yes. IF you don't like that "fishy fish smell" thru-out your house when you do cook fresh or 1 day old fish, try the lettuce. It's amazing how things get blown the f- up.

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            1. re: monica11501

              Guests and fish....start to stink after 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; but when I cook a Black Grouper that I caught the same morning, no aroma of old stinko fish "throughout the house".

              1. re: monica11501

                There is no way you are getting "one day old" fish at a fish monger, supermarket, etc. Most "Fresh" snapper, grouper, tuna, or any other pelagic fish is at least 4-5 days old if it was caught by long liners.

                1. re: monica11501

                  You may not be eating bad fish, but you aren't eating very fresh fish. Other than a few oily fish like mackerel or bluefish, reasonably fresh fish does not smell fishy while cooking.

                  What kind of fish are you baking? There are very few fish that I would bake, too easy to overcook. Chilean Sea Bass is OK, Sablefish, etc., but I tend to braise these. Flat out dry oven baking? Not so much. Also, do you like your fish rare-ish in the center?

                  1. re: monica11501

                    No one is saying that you are cooking bad fish, only that the "fishiness" that apparently permeates your home indicates that the fish may be less fresh than you believe it to be.

                    Not sure why you seem to think that things are getting "blown the f- up". I see that this is your first post and maybe you're reading some judgementalness into the responses that really aren't there. I think you'll find, though, that this is a very helpful board, full of good advice.

                    1. re: nofunlatte

                      I agree. CH in general is pretty flame free (a few restaurant boards excepted), but even more so in Home Cooking. Most everyone is just trying to help.