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Aug 19, 2010 12:27 PM

What is the spicy green sauce @ Super Pollo?

Ordered delivery from Super Pollo: 1/2 chicken, rice & beans, regular salad (mesclun, radish, tomato, carrot?). Decent, tasty meal. Can't stop thinking about the spicy green sauce comes on the side... what is it? Sooooo good, if a bit salty... I'd love to try to reproduce it but I have no idea what is in it besides maybe serrano or green habanero. Avacado? Mayo? Kept a week in the fridge.

Someone on yelp mentioned it with similar wonder.

Ideas, anyone?

Super Pollo
865 Woodward Ave, Queens, NY 11385

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  1. It's called Aji. I used the whole bowl today at Pio pio Riko on a 1/4 chicken and rice/beans.

    Not sure which is the "right" one. Like anything I'm sure there are variations. I've had it at an Ecuadorian place and it changes color, they told me their base is celery. Green in the morning yellow by afternoon. Had it at bolivian places and there was definitely NO dairy in that. But the peruvian places I've had it there seems to be some mayo in there.

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      Yes! Thank you so much. Smooth, creamy consistency and color remained a pretty pastel avocado-green with flecks of herbs. Definitely mayo.. especially considering comments on the Bon Appetit recipe.

      I'll have to go hunting for comparisons too.. there is Ecuadorian down the street that I've been meaning to try. And thus begins a condiment quest.

      This is probably what I've been wanting to put on fried green plantains. I don't enjoy the ripe ones as much as the green, but they can be dry and need a sauce. My standard "goo" has been a variation on Thousand Island dressing, but I knew there must be a better solution. Aji, here I come!

    2. Yes, Aji Verde. It's a mix of green chilis, garlic, mayo, and soft cheese. I use ricotta when I make it. The recipes vary, but it is very easy to make. just google it for tons of recipes.

      287 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

      1. It's called Aji Verde.