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Aug 19, 2010 12:25 PM

Going to Venice, Positano & Cortona (Tuscany) in October on honeymoon and need food advice.

Going to Venice, Positano & Cortona (Tuscany) in October on honeymoon and need food advice.

Here is the itinerary - we have hotels but would love advice on restaurants. Looking for slow food establishments at reasonable prices. The hotel restaurants look very pricey and fancy - we want to
get the real Italian experience and don't need waiters in fancy jackets.

Venice - 3 days
Cortona/Tuscany - 5 days
Positano - 5 days

Also any suggestions on a cooking class would be great.


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  1. Have you done a search here? I think I recommended doing so on another thread; there are SO may long threads on these locations, including one on the Amalfi Coast that I wrote myself.

    You might want to take a look at this, and at the many other reports about these areas, and then return with more questions.

    Do you have the SlowFood guide to Italy?

    Ideas for cooking classes:

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      Thanks Erica

      I will check those posts and I just bought the slow food guide : )

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        Cortona is just a short hop away from Chiusi by car or train, and in Chiusi there is a restaurant called Zaira which serves classic and simple Tuscan dishes and is most importantly a legendary wine cellar. It's not only a good place to enjoy Tuscan wine (and some from Orvieto, and some rare wines from all over the globe), but the restaurant will let you visit its unrenovated wine cellar which actually dates back to Etruscan times, several thousand years old. It may be the oldest wine cellar in Italy, part of a network of Etruscan tunnels under the city. It's a very atmospheric place. Like Cortona, the town of Chiusi was one of the original 12 cities of the Etruscan federation, and it is nice to be in contact with this deep side of Tuscany, which are the roots of the region's food and wine.

    2. We have been to all of your honeymoon stops several times over the years and do agree that you can find a lot of good information here - especially on Venice dining. With Cortona, our favorites are Trattoria Dardano (simple place with consistently great local food, excellent grilled meats), La Grotta (also consistently good food if not very inspired, a nicer ambiance than Dardano, outdoor seating in the alley), Osteria del Teatro (finer dining), Il Falconiere (fabulous views, fine dining), Locanda del Molino (outside of Cortona - need a car, rustic and romantic fine dining, pricier), and pizza at Hostaria La Tufa in the little blink-and-you-miss town of Ossaia down the hill from Cortona. Pizza is only middle of the road but eating outside on the huge terrace with views of the valley and lots of italian families is fun.

      1. Please, do not miss
        La Torre del Saracino - Vico Equense
        about 20 km from Positano
        Pricey? Yes, but an unforgettable food experience in a beautiful place, an old "Torre di Avvistamento" on the sea (sighting tower)


        1. for Cortona you have to go to:
          Trattoria Dardano (with his speciality, funghi porcini fritti!!!!), and La Loggetta both in the city centre.

          The Florentine
          follow me on:

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            Thanks everyone - we are leaving tomorrow!