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Aug 19, 2010 11:55 AM

The Golden Steer...Some help please!!!

Fellow CHs, can anyone weigh into these questions with some insight?

We are 6 guys, ranging in age from 40-53. We all love steak and over the years have eaten at most of the big name places in Las Vegas. One place that we have not gone is the Golden Steer. Now I know in terms of 1:1 comparisons, places like CUT, Prime, SW, Strip are all "chic-er" and more eclectic. However, There seems to be a bit of nostalgia to the Golden Steer and from what I understand, the bar area with its 5 flat screen TVs is a great place to watch college football games and have a great piece of meat. Not only that, they have a very friendly $20 corkage fee, which many of the other have @ $50 or do not offer at all. Is the quality of the other places that much better that it outweighs the cost difference? And given we can watch football while eating steak (not sure any other place offers such), does the atmosphere of a swanky, let's say SW, out weigh the Golden Steer. Any and all comments are fully appreciated and thanks much in advance for your help!

Golden Steer
308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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  1. Golden Steer is a great Vegas experience though I don't think you would be watching TV while eating steak because the bar is kind of separate from the dining area.

    I went with a similar aged group of guys and we had a great time. Definitely not as hip as the newer places and probably not quite as expensive, but excellent food (the stuffed mushrooms are a must) and a true piece of Vegas nostalgia. Just hop in a cab and do it, you won't be sorry!

    Golden Steer
    308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

    1. As mentioned above, the televisions are in the bar area and the dining room is a seperate area. I urge you head on over there anyway. I've eaten there a handful of times, and often stop by there later in the evening for an after dinner drink and to listen to the pianist in the the bar/lounge area. Excellent old-school service with no 6-page laminated menus or singing waiter nonsensse.

      1. i wouldn't worry about football or sneak off to the bar for updates. the golden steer is a classic. total throwback. i have ate there twice and the second time we booked out the smaller private room for about 12 guys for my bachelor party. it was a dinner i will never forget. the service and food were great. it is 100% old school. we appreciated it and we were 12-13 guys in their early 30s.

        it will be a totally different experience than all of those facey places. this is a real vegas experience. one that actually seems to be in danger. millionaires don't possess the savvy to seek out a real vegas experience akin to the rat pack days.

        where else in vegas can you sit in the same booth that elvis sat in with a few guys from his crew back in the day after shows.

        in fact with 6 guys you might be all able to fit in the elvis booth (it is large). perhaps they could add one or two chairs if need be.

        good luck and let us know how it goes.

        1. Let me ask this question, if you will: Does dining in the bar area take away from the experience of The Steer? I understand it is not the dining room but there is something about being able to eat your dinner while watching the football games you bet. We get to Vegas only once a year (maybe twice if I can convince my wife that I am going on "business") and while we love a good meal, what could be better than watching the game you just bet while eating a steak? When I spoke with the manager the other day over the phone he indicated that they do serve a full menu in the bar and gave me the impression that it is actually a great place to eat (not to mention that they are installing a new 46" TV in the bar area).

          Normally on our Saturday night we eat on the patio at Picasso and have been doing this for over 10 years. And while I still love that experience, this year given many factors (Lets face it, the economy stinks, a few of us are making less money while others do not have jobs. Not to mention that after 10+ years eating at Picasso we needed a break…they probably needed a break from us too!) we have decided to change it up a bit.