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Aug 19, 2010 11:47 AM

best website or store to purchase Keurig K cups

Looking for where the best deals are to stock up on k cups. I know BB&B I can use 20% off coupon. How about other places or websites with best deals? I'm looking for best value, not best variety options.

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  1. If you want large quantities of a single variety (and not much choice of varieties) Costco is best.
    But if you want the best selection and choice BB&B with coupons is best. I don't use the 20% off, but use the $5 off $15 and buy two boxes at a time. This works out to $7.49 box of 18 K cups (41.6 cents). The 20% coupon works out to 44.4 cents ea K cup.

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      Your comments are spot on. We love Costco but for the K cups you better like the few varieties they have since you're buying 80 cups at a shot.

      We buy all of our K cups at BB&B. We have dozens of BB&B 20 percent off coupons that date back to 2005, and they take them regardless of how old (bless their hearts). And their selection is great. Another place to try is Kohl's, which is where we bought our Keurig machine. They also send out lots of coupons and they have a good selection of cups (just not as good as BB&B).

      Thanks for the heads up on Donut Shop coffee -- I haven't tried it yet and now I won't.

    2. Amazon has value packs of 48-50 and it comes out the cheapest if you sign up for subscribe & save. You can regulate the shipping interval--they email you before the scheduled shipping and you can postpone it if you want. Free shipping with this program. Donut Shop for example comes to 33 cents/cup.

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      1. re: flfoodie2

        Unfortunately Donut shop is pretty bad coffee

        1. re: bagelman01

          The OP asked for best value, not what coffees people like. And Amazon offers several flavors with this program.

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            The reason I commented on Donut Shop coffee, is that in my area many retailers have had to marfk it down by 30% to get rid of it

            1. re: bagelman01

              We buy our K-cups from QVC. We like Green Mountain Nantucket Blend and Breakfast Blend. Donut Shop K-cups are terrible, I agree.

              1. re: Sensuous

                We checked out Amazon. Their prices are good.

                1. re: Sensuous

                  I just got 50 KCups from Amazon for $21 with no shipping charges (Coffee People Kona Blend)

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           they aren't. They are exactly the same as Walmart. These online sites selling in bulk should be offering discounts and a break in price if they are selling in bulk.
                    Walmart sells Eight O'clock coffee 18 Kcups for $8.99

                    Amazon sells their 72 pack same brand for $35.96. I hate that. Their prices are not good. Maybe at one time they used to be, but no longer.

          2. re: flfoodie2

            Ditto on the Subscribe & Save option from Amazon. There are a bunch of coffees available -- I like Timothy's San Lorenzo Dark. It's the cheapest, tastiest option I've found.

          3. If you want all the varieties, though, you want a web store like Big Cat or Coffee Wiz (both of which we've used in the past; Big Cat is the current favorite). They have EVERYTHING in 24-ct boxes and it runs about 45 cents each, rather similar to Bed Bath and Beyond with coupon pricing but a lot more selection. That is, as long as you spend $50 and get free shipping. And Big Cat has one more unique feature: although it's pricey at I think $15 for 25 cups, you can get a variety pack with as few as 5 cups of each variety x 5 varieties. This is a good way to try out something that you're not quite sure of rather than having 18 or 24 of something meh. (That happened recently; we both tried out some new things from BB&B, and ended up with 17 cups of "What am I going to do with this?" twice over. ;-) So disappointed in the brew-over-ice black unsweetened tea. MIght try mixing with lemonade, see if that helps.)



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            1. re: CrazyOne

              If you buy a box at BB&B, try a pod and don't like it, they will take back the unopen box as unsatisfactory......................

              1. I don't own a machine but my son has one at college for the convenience of hot water on tap. He hasn't bought the K cups. I see decent discounts for K cups at Staples, OMax, BBB, Kohl's, KMart by the box but I often wonder if the instant coffee is going to be stale. Expiration dates usually lean towards a month or less...but coffee, especially instant, ages so quickly.

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                1. re: HillJ

                  generally< i find the stock at BB&B has abour 6 months until expration date, never had any in the house last more than 90 days........................

                  1. re: HillJ

                    It's not like instant coffee. What's in there is not significantly different than regular drip coffee. And it's sealed in their own plastic cups with foil tops until used. They're also flushed with nitrogen before being sealed, thus ridding the cup of most/all oxygen that would age the stuff. So having these around for a few months or so even should be okay. Not going to please someone who can only drink what is fresh ground right before brewing in press pot or such, but those folks wouldn't buy such a machine anyway. :-)

                  2. When Kohl's send me and my friends their coupons, we check for the person who has the 30 per cent off. That person gives us their coupon for a day and I buy my K-cups then. I calculated @ 10.49 a box, less 30 percent. It came out to somewhere around 40 cents a cup. I stock up with 3 boxes at a time.