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Aug 19, 2010 11:44 AM

Suggestions for Birthday Gift- Possible cooking class?

So I've found a great guy who has a 29th birthday coming up tomorrow (yes tomorrow)! He happens to be french and likes to cook simple stuff from natural/healthy ingredients. We love to cook and eat all sorts of stuff together and I wanted to do something special for his birthday.

Initially I was going to take him to a whole foods cooking class, but he kinda found out about the idea and I wanted to be a little more tricky. I contacted the head cheff of a restaurant on the east side of Austin that we have gone to, and she said she would do a private cooking lesson at her place for $400.00. Although it sounds like an ok price, my budget is really $250.

Does anyone know of another great cook/cheff who could do something like this but more affordable- I do have my own house/kitchen with moderate cooking supplies? Or, does anyone have any other cool food-related birthday ideas? I am open to many things!

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  1. Hudson's on the Bend does a wonderful cooking class once a month at his house (which is really something to the moss covered breezway and the giant carved door...and the view out back in his outside kitchen) for about $140 p/p. The thing about it is it's a 4 course meal of gigantic proportions (we ate off the leftovers for another two days!), the class itself is small (10ish people) the food is AMAZING and he has plenty of imbibing as well. It's just a wonderful, wonderful romantic time.

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      great, do you know where I can sign up for that?

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          Thanks, fduran. Yeah, the menu for September looks especially tempting and hopefully by then the weather will be a little more bearable.