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Aug 19, 2010 11:39 AM

Chinatown - Chamblee

I found this in the archives from 2005.

"China Kitchen, a stall in the Chinatown Square food court, is owned by Frank Ma's ex dumpling chef and his wife--one of Frank Ma's former wait staff who you are likely to recognize the moment that you walk up to the counter."

I went there back then and loved the scallion cakes especially. Then they closed. I heard they are now open again. Anyone know if the ownership changed or if they have the same great scallion cakes? My memory is that they were better than those at Frank Ma South.

I know Frank helped out himself at Dinho in Chinatown for awhile, left for the Emory area, then left there also. I think I read Frank has considered another comeback. Anybody have an update on that or know about the current situation at China Kitchen? When the weather cools off I will make it a point to drive to Chinatown to check it out myself as those onion cakes really hit the spot when sweater weather arrives.

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  1. Two words: Chef Liu. She was the other dumpling chef, and is making all the pastries now, albeit Tianjin style. Too, Mr. Chung is cooking at Chef Liu--he was Frank's main kitchen guy. Frank and Amy themselves are happily retired.

    Chef Liu
    5221 Buford Highway Northwest, Doraville, GA‎ - (770) 936-0532‎