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Aug 29, 2005 11:38 PM

Mix Bowl Cafe - Pomona

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Went to visit some Thai friends staying at their cousin's in Corona.
They mentioned they had khao mun kai at Mix Bowl Cafe.
We headed over to give it a try.

The khao mun kai is up there with the best I've found in the States.
I liked it more than Noodle Planet's version.

Although my wife prefer's Noodle Planet's, Mix Bowl's yen ta fo was good.

A real disappointment was the pork satay.
I don't think the marinade took and the meat was too lean.

Although I wouldn't drive to East Pomona to hunt this place down, if you are nearby, it's a good spot for true Thai.

Address, menu and prices on the link:



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    I'll always have a soft spot for Mix Bowl but I had to comment and put this place in context.

    Mix Bowl hits the spot if you're craving cheap greasy food, which we all do every now and then. Mix Bowl (formerly "Big Bowl") is where all the Claremont Colleges students order their midnight snack when the munchies hit and they don't want pizza (I know, I was one of them not so long ago). And I must warn you about the kitsch factor - the restaurant itself is decked out in a neon pink and green color scheme.

    Better Thai options in the Pomona area are Sanam Luang (good but still casual), Bangkok Blue, and Thai Orchid Garden (the plum wine is like nectar).

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      Except for the drag races, I make it to Pomona about once every couple decades.
      I went to Mix Bowl because the khao mun kai was mentioned, by Thai friends, living somewhat nearby.
      I mentioned it because it's a place that 99% would pass by without seeing it.
      I think it's worth a stop.

      I'm a Thai street food kind of guy.
      The khao mun kai, yen ta fo, and kuay tiao lua weren't greasy and they were pretty classic.
      Maybe the day shift does things differently.

      This place is classic Thai.
      I knew we were home when the waitress brought the plates, silverware and napkins, and placed them all in a stack on the table.
      No flowers, no candles or no wine list.

      Like I said, don't make it a destination.
      But, I would recommend it to anyone, in the area, that wants khao mun kai.

      I won't be driving up from Tustin often.
      But, if I'm ever passing Indian Hill, on the 10, around lunch, I will stop by.



    2. I have been here a few times when in the area and found the food to be pretty good, good size portions, and priced very reasonably.

      1. I LOVE MIX BOWL!! Everything about that place is amazing. GREAT thai food, CHEAP prices, QUICK service, and it's LATE night! we seriously got our food like 5 minutes after we ordered, and everything is like $5-6. I honestly think this is one of the best places to go when you're having late-night munchies.