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Aug 19, 2010 11:09 AM

what to do with snapper, to go with rice and black beans?

Husband is trying lose weight and lower cholesterol. Picked up snapper today, was thinking fish tacos but maybe just some kind of grilled or baked fish would be nice. They are nice meaty fillets of snapper, skin on.

I only have individual spices (am in England) so please don't recommend I marinate in any named spice blends...

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  1. I've always like fish simply done -- brush with mayo, add S&P, dip in flour or corn meal and fry in a bit of oil in a hot skillet until crisped, squeeze some lemon on top.

    I'd spend my efforts on the rice & black bean side -- dice equal amounts of celery, onion and bell pepper, sautee until soft, cook the rice with broth or stock and a bay leaf, mix in a pinch of cayenne, and a handful of a fresh green chopped herb at the very end.

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      Yep, weezy is right...snapper is great with just simple ingredients...I usually love it lightly seasoned with salt & peper, then browned and then I add some fresh lime juice and fresh crushed garlic to the pan...keep cooking the fish with the garlic and lime, spooning over the fish fillets til cooked through. It would probably go great with the rice and beans too, keeping with Latin flavors a bit.

    2. What's wrong with just grilling the fish, either as a salt-grill or with a little olive oil and lemon? Nice clean flavor of the fish this way.

      1. Yay! thought no-one would reply. Yes will keep it simple, I like the lime and garlic idea, am usually a bit wary of garlic but am thinking that the lime will temper it...
        as for the beans, I'm using this recipe. Hope it's as good as it looks:

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          I think a little white wine is nice too if you need to temper the fresh garlic, not much, maybe 1/4 cup white wine, let the alcohol cook off a bit and a few tablespoons of the lime juice. Usually I just use lime juice and garlic but I'm pretty sure I've added white wine too at other times.

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            This was a delicious meal, thanks for advice. Wine would have probably helped but it was all very tasty. Tho frankly the beans were so good I could have just served them with a spoon and been happy! Nice light alternative to meat.
            isolda - I guess you missed the part about my husband's cholesterol!
            veggo - never heard of this sauce, will look it up. thanks.

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              So sorry, yes I did miss that part. Glad you didn't kill him with my sauce!

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                Glad it worked kg....truly, I wonder at recipes or menus that offer TWO proteins, such as fish WITH rice and beans...pork WITH beans...etc. but what the as YOU please...rice and beans and a green veggie are a meal for me without anything else. Hope your husband's cholesterol WILL by making good food choices!!!

          2. Snapper is a common and popular fish in Mexico's coastal areas, and more often than not it is grilled and served with a fresh veracruz sauce, of which there are many variations. Healthy for hubby and would count as a vegetable to accompany the beans and rice.

            1. It would be perfect with lime butter. Just melt a stick of butter, then blend it in the blender with the juice and peel of one lime (may need more if you like it tangy), a pinch of salt and a clove or two of garlic. (Do not do this in your food processor unless your hair and kitchen walls need moisturizing. )Bake or grilll your snapper with a bit of olive oil, then serve with this sauce. You may not need all the sauce, but it will keep in the fridge for a few days, and you can use it on your rice.