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Aug 19, 2010 10:25 AM

Nelson BC - anything worth checking out?

Hey all...
I'm heading out to Nelson to visit some friends for a few days next week. Anything new happening on the restaurant scene out there? I had a decent experience at Max & Irma's a few years back. Open to anything ...

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  1. We had a recent good experience while passing through at Sage Tapas and Wine Bar, diagonally across the street from the New Grand Hotel on Vernon. On a pleasant summer evening, dining al fresco with a water view adds a nice touch, especially around sunset.

    1. Fantastic coffee at Oso Negro

      We too had a great experience at Max & Irma's last year.

      We also really enjoyed our meal at Leo's. Very "old school" Greek & Italian Huge portions, lots of garlic bread, etc. Not gourmet but the kind of place that reminds you have family dinners out when you were a kid.

      Oso Negro
      , Nelson, BC V1L, CA

      1. don't miss the kootenay co-op bakery... don't let the name frighten you, it isn't all granola and sprouted grain loaves. really delicious pastries.

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          Hey.. thanks all for the input !
          Very familiar with Oso Negro. Like the bakery too. Been hearing some bad news about the All Seasons lately (new owners?). Really missing Kaz as well. This was a fixed price joint that reminded me of eating in rural France or seaside Jamaica. Just lay your money down and wait for the wine and great, local food to roll out. Thinking I may give Bibo a try. A small plates /tapas/ wine bar room that seems popular right now. Will let you know how it goes, if you're interested...

          Oso Negro
          , Nelson, BC V1L, CA

          8316 Main St, Osoyoos, BC V0H1V2, CA

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            yes please, planning to head out sometime soon. enjoy!

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              Hey all. So, here's the scoop on Nelson. The Redfish Grill is no more. A fire brought it down last month. Bought an excellent blueberry pie at the Kootenay Co-Op bakery. They were really happy to answer my questions re; ingredients and techniques. Sage is up for sale, so we declined to visit. Bebo was - ok. I found the atmosphere, at least that night, a little pretentious for my tastes - but the small plates were delicious, fresh and mostly BC sourced. The wine list was small, but inventive. The only other night we ate out was over at a friend's cabin... salmon planked and roasted over a fire. I think the town is going through one of it's occassional commercial turnarounds. It'll be interesting to see what the next year or two may bring.

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                  I went to BIBO recently and had an excellent dinner (Arancini as an appetizer and ricotta gnocchi with wild mushrooms). Fine dining, nice wine list. It seemed mostly Italian/Spanish. I've been here for a couple of months and most of the other places were really disappointing but I've by no means been to them all...