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Catering needed: backyard wedding in Toms River, NJ

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Anyone have a recommendation for a good caterer in the Toms River area? We're having a small-ish wedding (<75 people) in a backyard next summer.

I'm primarily vegetarian (my fiance is not) and we want an eclectic menu. This means, not just Italian cuisine, which is what I'm finding is prevalent...

We really love Mexican food and thought about a make-your-own burrito bar, but not sure if this is feasible.


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  1. You might want to look into having the River Market Cafe cater your event. I eat there regularly for lunch and know they do quite a bit of catering in the area. Good Luck.

    1. http://www.jacquescatering.com/

      Jacques...IMO best in NJ..... I have been to counteless affairs here in TR that they have catered always good and very professional cant go wrong.

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      1. Joe Leone's in Pt. Pleasant. You can't go wrong. Everyone uses them in our area.

        Joe Leone's
        400 Richmond Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

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          Although more Italian style...Joe Leone's is a definite winner also besides Jaques.

          Joe Leone's
          400 Richmond Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

        2. Just out if curiosity, who did you end up going with? We're planning a similar wedding in Manchester for 2015. Any advice is appreciated!

          1. Niks Joe Leones too tackey. Call Tim Murphy from Sparoes 732.294.9921

            1. If you're looking for Italian, joe leones can't be beat. Anyone who says otherwise I'll simply scratch my head at...

              The best caterer in central nj is main st out of Princeton. What I've seen them do is nothing short of spectacular. Aka, I've been to weddings they've catered and people's still talking about the food, months later. That rarely happens.

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                I'm looking for non- Italian, ever hear of 5 Sisters? I saw their website yesterday

              2. Look into a company called Chefs Tape. AMAZING!
                or contact the chef directly at 646-592-1683.

                1. I have used them so many times and everyone loves them!!

                  Mumford's in Tinton Falls. I'm sure they will travel because last summer I was there and they were catering an event in Point Pleasant..I overheard the waitress.

                  Enjoy and congratulations!!!


                  1. Charles Verdi at Ribdiculousbbq can do anything you want, including South West/Mexican:


                    Not only that, but he will work with you on price.

                    Give him a call. You will be pleased with the results, his food is outstanding.