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Aug 29, 2005 09:45 PM

How is Sor Tinos?

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Been meaning to go there...anybody been? what r ur thoughts? whats good to order?...thanks

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  1. Put the location in case i spelled it wrong

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    1. re: Go Eagles

      I have had two very good meals there. Both times same entree - the papardelle with chingiale (wild boar, and forgive the attempt at spelling) a dish I regrettably passed on trying when I was in Tuscany. Appetizers, atmosphere, service were all good. I really haven't heard much about the restaurant. I certainly would go there more if I was on the west side more often.

      1. re: Laura

        Sor Tino is great. Our waiter was very friendly and the gnocchi was astoundingly good. our waiter even brought me a little plate of fresh cookies with my espresso since he was dismayed that i couldn't share in the gelato my friends ordered.

    2. Went tonight with our newborn. Everything was nice EXCEPT that my wife's seabass – a special – was a shocker when the bill came at $34. Very few things on the menu came close to that price. I hate when I get taken advantage of with the specials when they charge way more than anything else because the price isn't readily apparent.

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        yes, if the special is above and beyond i think it is criminal. i'd tell them they'll never see me again. food is nourishment and beauty