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Aug 19, 2010 07:17 AM

too many onions! HELP!

I overbought - between the farmer's market and Costco. Yellow onions. Any suggestions for easy recipes that can store in fridge for at least two weeks time (vacation time - YAYYYY!!!)- or preferably the freezer. How long do you keep carmelized onions in your fridge? I am thinking about onion soup - but this heat is not making it a tempting dinner!

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  1. Do you have tomatoes? If so, you could make this from a recent Washington Post tomato feature. It is delicious and would probably freeze well, Mine was gobbled up practically before it cooled.

    I also recall someone here posting about carmelizing vast quantities of onions and freezing for future use.

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      thanks - looks good - I have been on too much of a tomatoe streak - have been roasting plum tomatoes all summer - eating them with everything and bringing them to parties with fresh mozz.

    2. I like to keep a batch of onion marmalade in the fridge at all times. It lasts forever (I mean, a really, really long time...) and it's great to have around to pitch into sautes, sauces, as a spread, lots of things.
      I use a Nigella recipe, could probably find a link to it for you if you're interested.
      I generally use red onions, but I think any and all would work here. You add like a bottle of red wine at some point, along with thyme, cinnamon stick (not too much cinnamon, learned this one time through trial and error) and olive oil. This is why they last so long, I think.

      Hmmm, now I think it's a recipe from the Flexitarian Table...

      1. If you put a little balsamic vinegar into your caramelized onions it will extend their refrigerator time. With or without, they freeze very well and the oil keeps them from forming a solid block, so it it easy to fork some out of the container. I usually keep them on hand that way.

        Also, I found that keeping a baggie of raw sliced and/or chopped onion in the freezer is a time-saver when cooking. Because the cell walls rupture in freezing, onions cook faster from frozen than freshly-prepped. When onions are on sale and I have room in the freezer, I slice the whole sack, then cook some of it to varying degrees, removing some when just sweated, and letting some caramelize. These go into freezer containers and the remaining uncooked prepped onion into a baggie. Always refrigerate the onions before prepping them, so as to avoid stinging, tearing eyes.

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            i know....I love carmelized onions - made a great cold carmelized onion dip this summer that became addicting - with veggies and chips. My question is ---- how long do you keep carmelized onions in your fridge? Greygarious suggested freezing them - I am definitely going to try that. Maybe wrap in little clingwrap packages and take out individual packages.

          2. Pickle them. And I mean nothing complicated. I just put them in a container with rice wine vinegar. good the next day and up to a month later (at least I haven't gotten sick yet!).