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Birthday cake flavoured ice cream

So one of my kidlets tried birthday cake flavoured ice cream in cottage country and it shot straight to the top of his list of favourite treats. Has anyone seen this flavour in Toronto?

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  1. The Big Chill on College/Manning has had the birthday cake-flavoured "Mickey's Party" but I'd call first in case it's not in the current line-up.

    1. They sell it at Marble Slab Creamery. Check the website for a location near you.


      Marble Slab
      1170 Fischer Hallman Rd, Kitchener, ON N2E3Z3, CA

      1. Presidents Choice is selling a similar flavour as part of a new 'Ice Cream Shop' brand. i think it's called 'Party Sprinkle Cake' or something of that sort. Has pieces of pound cake and rainbow sprinkles in it.
        It's only $3 for a 1L tub, so worth a try to see if they like it.

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          Yes, my recommendation too. It's white ice cream with sprinkles, pound cake and icing swirled in. It's rather yummy.


        2. Cold Stone Creamery! So good too...I was at the one at Bloor and Bay, but I think there are more locations.

          1. Just my opinion, but the President's Choice version was disgusting..the idea of this flavor is great though...maybe i'll try out the other suggestions!!

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              I agree that the PC version was bad as far as proper birthday cake ice cream goes, but that didn't stop me from eating about half a litre in one sitting. Any ice cream is better than no ice cream!

            2. Thanks for the suggestions - I plan to check out one of them this weekend.

              The PC version doesn't wow me as much - partly because ice cream always tastes better when you combine it with the adventure of going to the ice cream shop (and drooling on the case as you consider all of the flavours) but also because of the texture. The flavour I'm talking about doesn't have any actual pieces of cake in it but does taste like you mixed some Loblaws vanilla slab birthday cake, with sprinkles, into a tub of vanilla ice cream. It's a bit sweet for me but way better than some of the other sickly sweet ones that kids tend to love (cotton candy, etc.).

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                Did you try the PC version? In my opinion, the cake bits were not noticeable at all. Actually, I didn't like it much, but maybe the flavour's just not for me...

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                  No, I didn't try it but this whole exercise is a quest for one of my kids and going out to the ice cream store is definitely part of the experience. Not that he's ever met a form of ice cream he didn't love, nor would he turn down scoops at home (or on a train or on a plane or in a box or with a fox...) but I'm trying to find a place where I can get a scoop in a cone. Thanks.

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                    Let us know what you find!! Do you know what brand the ice cream you had in cottage country was?

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                      I'm not a fan of birthday ice cream, but I do really like The Big Chill's waffle cones - they're my favourite and I like a most of their flavours. Worth a try imo :) They also top it with a little Oreo cookie: http://cookiesandtomatoes.blogspot.co...

                      The outdoor patio has a very fun feel, with kiddy toys and such.

                      I've also seen it at Marbleslab

                2. Dutch Dreams has a delicious version. I love it.