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Aug 19, 2010 04:58 AM

Where can I buy rennet for making cheese locally?

I used to use Junket Rennet tablets to make cheese. But it's been a long time and I can't seem to find anyone who carries it -- or any brand. I live in Burbank, so SFV, Hollywood, WeHo, Glendale areas are closest. Does anyone know of any markets that carry it?

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  1. got some from this place last yr. still have most of the tablets in my freezer.

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    1. re: soniabegonia

      Thanks, it's further than I can go, but I'll send someone to check it out. The site lists what I need, so I think this is my best shot.

    2. I find mine at my local Whole Foods. Actually in the spice aisle.

      My suggestion would be to call your local WF and see if they handle rennet.

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      1. re: Monch

        I tried two Whole Foods, and, not finding it, asked. One store no one knew what I was talking about, the other offered to order it for me.

      2. Animal or vegetable? If you're looking for animal rennet, the only place in LA that I've found to carry it is the Home Beer, Wine and Cheesemaking shop in Woodland Hills (see website link in soniabegonia's post). They have it in both liquid and tablet form.

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        1. re: krick

          Thanks for replying. I'm settling for vegetable and found it in the little Food For Life store here in Burbank at the same price listed at HBWC.

        2. The Silverlake Cheese Shop carries it too. I just got some tablets there a couple weeks ago.

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            I called the Silverlake Cheese Shop when I was looking for cheesemaking supplies a few months ago, and they told me that all they sold was kits. How extensive is their selection?

            Mr Taster

          2. Looks like you found it already, but I've seen it on the shelves of the Whole Foods at Riverside and Coldwater in Studio City.