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Aug 19, 2010 04:40 AM

Yes...Someone snapped on the Express Lane for too many items

Yes it finally happened:

But jfood's question is why did they not cite the guy for taking off his shoes so he could count past 10.

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  1. ha, I wonder how they got to $429 for the citation - $9 for calling her fat and $420 for the use of the word ugly??

    1. She called 911? There certainly aren't any geniuses in this story.

      1. Yeah, why was "fat" and "ugly" the trigger that made her call 911? Who hasn't given the stink-eye to a similarly inconsiderate shopper in the express lane

        1. Seriously? Both of these people need citations. 911 is for actual emergencies, not for when you are angry you've been insulted!

          1. "Effinger said he has investigated similar conduct by the man in the past."