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Yes...Someone snapped on the Express Lane for too many items

Yes it finally happened:


But jfood's question is why did they not cite the guy for taking off his shoes so he could count past 10.

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  1. ha, I wonder how they got to $429 for the citation - $9 for calling her fat and $420 for the use of the word ugly??

    1. She called 911? There certainly aren't any geniuses in this story.

      1. Yeah, why was "fat" and "ugly" the trigger that made her call 911? Who hasn't given the stink-eye to a similarly inconsiderate shopper in the express lane

        1. Seriously? Both of these people need citations. 911 is for actual emergencies, not for when you are angry you've been insulted!

          1. "Effinger said he has investigated similar conduct by the man in the past."

            1. Years ago, someone was stabbed for being in the express lane and she was asked to go there by the clerk. I've been pulled into the express lane, or at least my cart, by the clerk and always feel like apologizing when someone comes behind me.

              These people who have such short fuses scare me. They're often out there, driving cars.

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                And, if you live in Arizona, carrying a concealed weapon...

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                  wish i had a concealed weapon so i could brandish it now.

              2. Hope no one with a real emergency needed 911 assistance.

                "Heart attack please hold, all out other operators are busy assessing a chubby lady whose feathers have been ruffled at the grocery store."

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                  HAHAHA!!! Watch, she gets her own reality show on TV because of this!!! Sheesh!

                2. I hope this guy takes this as a wake-up call to get the help that he needs to control his anger! There is absolutely no reason that someone should feel justified in screaming at and berating another person for something as silly and insignificant.

                  I am glad this woman stood up for herself and called 911 on this bully.

                  1. I wasn't there, but if the guy was going wacko, yelling and screaming over this minor incident, I would think a call to 911 is appropriate.

                    If the lady called 911 because he called her "fat so-and-so" under his breath, that's another story.

                    However, I think this guy was doing the former not the latter.

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                      Exactly - you can call someone the vilest of names while making it clear that you're dropping the issue and they're at no danger from you. And likewise you can call someone 'sweetie' with an obvious menace and implied physical threat.

                      It's not in the words, it's intent and non-verbal signals that determine whether calling the police was appropriate in a situation like this. Given the perp's history, I think we can give the lady in question the benefit of the doubt.

                    2. Having read most of the replies so far; people seemed to have missed this part of the report: The Port Washington woman said she asked the express lane clerk if she could check out because there was no one in line. "

                      So the woman was NOT at fault. And good for her sounds like the guy totally whacked out.

                      I have been on both sides of this, the express cashier told me I could check out as she had no one in line called me over from another line and behind someone who thinks that a shopping cart full is one item (the shopping card contents)

                      Sorta like the Farmer and the Donkey fable.

                      1. Years ago, a woman with a full cart, (we're talking loaded to the brim/enough groceries to last 2 weeks), pulled into the express lane just before me. A man holding milk and some bread got into the queue behind me and I heard his heavy sigh as we both looked at this woman's cart. The woman hadn't started unloading yet, so I simply spoke up and said "Ma'am, this is the express lane for 10 items or less." and gave her a smile. She looked momentarily startled then said "oh" and looked up at the lane sign -yep, 10 items or less- and at the rest of us with our baskets of 10 items or less. She said "i'm sorry, I didn't realize" and moved out of the lane. We all said thank you and everyone was happy. No harm, no foul and certainly no 911 calls!

                        I spoke up because the woman hadn't started to unload her groceries. If she had, I wouldn't have said anything and would have just gone to another lane. It's not like you can make her re-load her groceries... although I bet the wacko in the story would try!

                        1. Hardly a first. A physical confrontation led to an arrest in Lowell MA in 2002:
                          "LOWELL, Mass. (AP) — A shopper accused of beating another customer for bringing too many items into an express checkout line surrendered Friday, but her lawyer said she was only defending herself.
                          The lawyer said the other customer swore at Karen Morgan, then spit in her face and lunged at her outside the Market Basket grocery store. Police say Morgan, 38, was the aggressor.
                          The Feb. 10 dispute began when the 51-year-old woman, who was not identified by police, brought 13 items into a 12-items-or-fewer checkout lane.
                          The woman said Morgan got in line behind her, complained she didn’t know how to count, then swore at her. She said that as she walked home with the groceries, Morgan drove up and the two exchanged words.
                          “Then she got out of the car and commenced a whooping on me,”’ the woman told The Sun of Lowell.
                          Police say Morgan pulled the victim’s hair and hit her hard enough to knock her to the ground, then kicked her in the head. The woman took down the car’s license-plate number, and it was traced to Morgan’s address.
                          Morgan’s attorney, David LiBassi, said Morgan never kicked the woman or initiated any assault.
                          Morgan was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon — her shod foot. She faces up to 10 years in prison.
                          Friday’s surrender came after she failed to appear at an initial court hearing. Arraignment was expected later in the day. "

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                              Yeah I like the use of "commenced" and slang "whooping" in the same utterance.

                          1. The people with 10 items or less should get out of the regular lanes and shorten the line for the rest of us! ;-)