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Aug 18, 2010 10:59 PM

Great Places to eat in Hiroshima/Nara

I will be doing some day trips to Nara & Hiroshima from Kyoto next week, and would like to know of some great places to have lunch at. Does not have to be sushi as I have some high end sushi places reserved in Tokyo & Kyoto.

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  1. Hiroshima seems a long way to go just for a day trip, though it's doable. I'm wondering why you chose Hiroshima, when there are dozens of closer options for day trips, like Kobe, Okayama, Himeji (going west on the Shinkansen route), or Nagoya, Gifu (going east), or Mie or Wakayama prefectures (going south-ish). I'm assuming you're planning some time in Osaka as well.

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      I am in tokyo for 4 days, 4 days in kyoto-with spending 2 of those days-1 in Nara & 1 in Hiroshima. I have a 6am shinkansen to Hiroshima....plenty of time for a day wife and I did the Lovre in 45min many years ago :)

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        Don't get me wrong, I dig Hiroshima. More people should go and visit, but it just seems like a random choice, when there are dozens of places closer to Kyoto. Let's put it this way, it's like saying you're in LA for 4 days, and San Francisco for 4 days, and you decide to take day trips to Santa Barbara and Fresno. Fresno? Sure, Fresno has much to offer, but seems kind of random, unless you're visiting family or for some other reason.

        Anyway, in Hiroshima, go get some okonomiyaki, look out for places offering anago, maybe oysters or local fugu (though neither are in season), and if it's your thing, horumon-yaki (grilled offal). Summer is a good time to visit one of the places for Hiroshima style tsukemen as well. Look out for the Hiroshima specialty of kozakana (baby fish) at the sushi places.

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          Thanks for the suggestions...nothing is set in stone. We were gonna do Hiroshima in the morning, then goto Miyajima and see the monkeys and what ever else on Mt. Misen. What would you suggest I do? From what I thought, Osaka is just like going to any big city? Any help would be great! BTW, I am from Los Angeles...and my inlaws live in Fresno....So I avoid that area as much as possible! :)

          1. re: awinner

            So that's your big plan for Hiroshima? I guess I don't understand the point of your travel. You might be better off spending more quality time in Kyoto. And if your travels are motivated by cuisine, Osaka is not just any big city. Maybe do a little more research.

            One more thing, if you're going to Miyajima, go there straight away in the morning (it'll be a convenient transfer to the Sanyo Honsen line at Hiroshima station) and then do Hiroshima afterward. You should be in town in time for lunch.

            1. re: awinner

              It certainly sounds like quantity over quality. I'd agree w/going to Miyajima in the morning. You can have tea and a snack while there. And come back up to Hiroshima for Peace Park & surrounding area for lunch & dinner. Definitely do the okonomiyaki-mura while in Hiroshima.

      2. In Hiroshima, I would strongly recommend eating at Mitchan at Naka-ku, Hatchobori 6-7, it's the original store.

        If you feel like visiting a very pretty town, I would suggest Kurashiki in the prefecture of Okayama.
        The old town near the train station is very pretty. Kurashiki is maybe not the best foodie destination in Japan, but it's a nice relax walk.