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Aug 18, 2010 09:57 PM

Kosher pectin?

I have a jelly recipe I want to try, and it calls for pectin. Does anyone know where to get parve pectin in the NY area, preferably in Queens?

BTW, I know that pectin is a fruit product, and one would think it would naturally be parve, but Certo Sure-Jell is listed on the OK Labs website as being OK-D. Since I'd like to use the jelly with shabbos fleishig meals, that does me little good.

If we were out in rural America, I imagine pectin, along with other canning supplies, would be found in every supermarket, but here in the big city, I can't ever recall seeing it. But maybe I just haven't noticed? Any jelly-makers out there with any info for me?

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  1. there is a company in Indiana called Jarden that makes canning products and they are certified kosher pareve by the crc. their number is (765) 281-5002. if you call them they may be able to help.

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      BTW, Jarden Brands sells under the "Ball" name. I have a box of Ball original fruit pectin and there is no kosher info on the box.