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Aug 18, 2010 08:40 PM


Just a conversational.

One more THAI - only 3 blocks from DEE THAI which is quite good and has a really fine lunch special for $5.99 - lovely little THAI salad + several dishes with excellent heat.

Why are people taking such expensive risks - a few months ago a well if sparingly reviewed KOREAN opened on 41st and QUEENS - all indications were a supreme effort by staff - lovely table settings, colorful it's kaput.

At 40th and QUEENS a new KEBAB + PIZZA is opening - I would feel bad for the GREEK guy with the cart were it not he does just a lovely job - serving a hot dog or shish kebab as if it was private chef event. So he can probably survive despite.

Then, horrendous new PIZZA joints around 40th - man,are these places cruelly distasteful.
No respect - rodney dangerfield!

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  1. I am pretty sure that one on 41st and Queens was the guy from Friends Korean. damn, I never went to his new place. He told me it was around there...