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Aug 18, 2010 08:28 PM

Wholesale Kosher Cheese

There are plenty of great kosher cheeses out there -- and they certainly do not cost as much as they go for (if you can find them) in the grocery store.

Any idea about a wholesale kosher cheese seller, or an option, even online, to puchase bulk?

I mean, I even called Anderson Intl to check out their new Organic & Kosher line, and they said "We protect our distributors, go through them."


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  1. You can order retail from Mark Rosen at Sugar River Cheeses, certified by the CRC, real Wisconsin cheese. I am not sure about wholesale, but he does respond promptly to e-mails.

    Will Capiello sell wholesale?
    Or Cabot?

    All excellent cheeses. Good luck, p.j.

    1. toobro
      quality frozen foods
      natrual and kosher

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          i believe those are all companies that sell kosher cheese-quality is a kosher food distributor out of brooklyn. I think all/most will not sell direct at wholesale prices to you since they do not want to undercut those businesses selling their product in their area.

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            I'm not following this thread. Are you looking for less expensive sources of Kosher cheese for personal use or is there a business purpose to your request?

            1. re: ferret

              Less expensive sources for personal use.

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                Yeah, don't we all want that. But that's not what wholesaling is for.

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                  Actually, there are some wholesalers that will sell to the public, although possibly at higher prices than they charge stores who buy from them. The ones in the Brooklyn Terminal Market come to mind.
                  Jersey Lynne farms is a wholesaler in Canarsie, Brooklyn, that sells to the public. The only kosher cheese they sell (other than cottage cheese or cream cheese) is Sweet Munchee, which is OU, but leaves a lot to be desired taste-wise, IMO. They do sell lots of other kosher items, though, and are very friendly.
                  So, it is possible to buy food from a wholesaler, and save some money. I, too, would love to find one that would sell kosher cheese (and frozen products) in bulk, both to save money and time spent running around to various stores.

                  1. re: queenscook

                    Sure it is. It's for business and personal use...provided you buy in bulk.

          2. You can purchase kosher organic artisan cheese directly from redwood hill farms at:

            You do have to pay for overnight shipping but it is well worth it. I always order about $100 worth of product from them. My husband and I are addicted to the California Crottin. You should save about 40-50% off of the price of grocery store prices.

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              Who certifies these cheeses? The website only mentioned that they used a kosher variety of rennet, but not who certifies the cheese or if all varieties are kosher.

              1. re: cheesecake17

                If you go around the website, each product has different certifiers. For example, the yogurt is by Vaad of New England (VKH) -

            2. Some Costcos have kosher shredded mozzarella in 2 lb. bags for $9. Our local supermarket sells the same bag for $14.

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              1. re: SoCal Mother

                Costco in Brooklyn has the 2lb bag of shredded mozarella for $8.69. I've also seen the same bag for $14+.

                For those who go by Tablet K, the Kirkland 5lb bag of shredded mozarella is also about $9.

              2. Cabot makes a wonderful sharp cheddar. Although it's usually Tablet K, a few runs a year are OU and you can order by mail in bulk.