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Aug 18, 2010 07:28 PM

Advice re: Bacchanalia

Attending a meeting in November and have a reservation for Bacchanalia. Would someone like to give me their take on this place?

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  1. one of the best in the city--to me can be a little pretentious at times,but total package is great-just depends on what youre looking for.Priccis,Aria are also very good Italian,and McKendricks & Bones do an excellent steak/meat

    1. Best restaurant in Atlanta. The crab fritter appetizer is addictive. They also do a great job with fish and beef. You're best to go with the 4-course tasting menu over a la carte from a price standpoint.. But I have no qualms encouraging you to keep your reservation.

      1. I ate there on Thursday night. Absolutely fabulous! The amuses were great. The first a cheese and bechamel filled gruyere was really interesting. I make gougeres a lot for parties and found the addition of bechamel really terrific. The second amuse was a chilled onion soup with really tasty and interesting croutons. The croutons tasted bacony and were extremely crunchy. I started with the Kumamoto oysters which were pristine and topped with something seasonal but, to my taste, needed a bit more acidity. My SO had the wonderful Thai flavored crab cakes in all of their citrusy glory. I ordered the pan fried trout with a multitude of tomatoes prepared various ways with a tomato vinaigrette. Very good. My SO loved his veal schnitzel and potato salad. For the cheese course I really loved the romano cheese and peaches. It was a perfect combination. My SO was thrilled with the Montgomery cheddar and apple salad. The intermezzo was fairly unusual but tasty. I think they called it an apple smoothie. It was a creamy candied cinamon apple drink in a glass rimmed with salt and sugar. I was pretty full by dessert so I simply tasted my medly of fruit sorbets (good) and my SO loved whatever he had for dessert. I couldn't sample the mignardeses but they looked nice :-). I have never left this restaurant less than thrilled and this was no exception.

        If you have room for other meals on your trip I highly recommend two other restaurants we ate at during our recent visit: La Pietra Cucina and Ecco. Although La Pietra was sold out of 3 of the 4 dishes we wanted to order we still ate very well and the pasta with the chile braised pork sauce at Ecco was absolutely wonderful!

        La Pietra Cucina
        Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

        40 7th Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306