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Aug 18, 2010 05:32 PM

Galaxy Cafe

used to like the place, but recent visits (at both locations, West Lynn and Triangle) leave me cold.

Menus are strangly incongrous, with at least four menus in categories (lunch, dinner, brunch, others, all on separate laminated sheets). Turns out the "greater includes the lesser" (as they say in the law biz), but you'd never know from menus.

Came at aprox 8 for dinner. At 8 on the dot the lights were turned way, way down, almost dark in the place. Asked about this and got a shrug and a "this is what we do." The 7 or 8 diners, already a bad omen, looked around with bafflement -- or at least I thought, insofar as I could make them out.

In sum, Galaxy Cafe seems to have fallen on some hard times. (Oh, by the way, they have taken the Turkey Chili off the menu). Other reactions?

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  1. We got the Triangle delivery sometime last year and I was very unimpressed.

    1. I have only been to the one way south off slaughter and brodie - oh wait I have been to the triangle location once. I got a chicken ceaser salad...very good. And other times I normally get their wraps..with the spinach tortilla and grilled chicken-but I don't venture too far from that...I have always been happy.

      I have never had their breakfast-

      1. They've been solid at lunch for me. I frequent the West Lynn location primarily, although occasionally stop by the Slaughter location when heading down to the in-laws in Buda. I like the fish wrap and my wife goes for one of the sandwiches. I had breakfast at the South location once and it was bland and boring. But lunch, yeah, I'd be disappointed if they were gone.

        By the way, they also own Zocalo next door in Clarksville. Virtually the same concept but with mexican food. It's OK too, but my wife doesn't like it much, so we usually do Galaxy.

        Zocalo Cafe
        1110 W Lynn St, Austin, TX 78703

        1. I agree - they seem to be on a downhill slide....and they weren't that high up to begin with. The menu reorganization took a couple of truly decent sandwiches off - the PLT and the meatball... and this might be picky, but the inexpensive IKEA/Jetsons theme is getting a little dusty. I am usually satisfied with the breakfast wrap of ww tortilla, eggs, bacon and double spinach. It was a decent place close to home, now I think about alternatives.....

          1. I've only ever gone out of my way for the breakfast-- good coffee, granola, wraps. The dim lighting and candles at dinner also weird me out (it's a neighborhood stop, and I'm usually solo, so the romantic thing isn't my thing). Lunch is decent, but in the 'hood (Clarksville), Portabla has better sandwiches and Cafe Josie is usually more sedate for lunch.

            Cafe Josie
            1200B W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703

            1200 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703