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Aug 18, 2010 04:50 PM

732 Social and White Oak in Louisville

I was thinking of trying one or both of the two on my next trip into Louisville. Does anyone have a view on either these days? Originally in 2009 they both got great reviews from Robin and Marty and many diners, but seems like things may have gone down hill this year from what I have read....Would appreciate any comments from Hounds who have recent experience or know someone who has.

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  1. I was at 732 a few weeks ago. Other than the mussles not being quite as spectacular and fresh as they had always been in the past it was a great meal. I have not heard anything negative about 732 but I did hear the upper management/ownership changed. The chicken liver mousse with tomatoes and short ribs are still excellent as well as the cocktails. I've never been to the White Oak and really haven't heard much about it lately.