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Aug 18, 2010 04:36 PM

Which City/Town/Area to Choose?

Excluding Basque country, Barca and Madrid, looking for somewhere to post up for a week or two with good food and markets. Want to be able to buy quality fruits, veggies, meat/fish easily enough and would prefer a good enough nightlife scene. If it is somewhere with serviced apartments that are not impossible to rent, that helps. As an area, the city should be worthwhile unto itself, do not want an area where only trips around country or seaside are the real catch.
Valencia is under consideration but other input is much appreciated.
November timeline so the better the weather, the better, of course.
Sorry if this is too vague and/or confusing a request, thanks in advance.

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  1. Galicia - this site is helpful and give you an idea what to expect:

    Enjoy wherever you decide to go.

    1. Do Seville, a wonderful medium size city with great nightlife, cultural sites, Moorish architectures, wonderful neighborhoods to stroll and terrific food, the tapas capital of Spain. Most of the summer fruits and vegetables (tomato for gazpacho) will be out of season but there are citrus, quince, wild mushrooms, greens. It doesn't compare to Galicia on seafood though still plenty but great lamb and pork. It also makes a good base for the rest of Andalucia. Granada, Cordoba and other towns such as Baeza can be easily visited on a day trip either by bus or car. And then there are the pueblos blanco such as Ronda to explore. The weather in November should be fine though there will be some rain.

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        Another vote for Sevilla. We were there for a short stay in April, and I would go back in a New-York minute. It's a beautiful city, with very friendly people and awesome food. I could spend a week just walking around there. Heck, I could spend half a week just hanging out at the Alcázar.

        Galicia is pretty and has great food, but the cities aren't that nice. Valencia is a city we skipped on our trip because every Spanish person to whom we mentioned going there tried to dissuade us from doing so. They all said it was ugly and boring.

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          Right on the money about Valencia.

          FOR THE ORIGINAL POSTER: We go to Sevilla often and got back on 7/26.

          If you choose Sevilla friends took us to this restaurant I've never been before, El Espigon, it was excellent an will be visited by us time and time again. Go to the one on calle Bogota.

      2. Thank you for the replies.
        Requirements for city would be easy walking/transport to everything necessary, ease of purchasing quality products at markets, easy of finding apartment with broadband internet and a city that has a legitimate gym to use somewhere near enough. And a good nightlife, need more than just late night lounging.
        On a strict food basis both for products in markets/stores and restaurants, Valencia or Sevilla?
        Based on above requirements, not sure Coruna(or anywhere else) in Galicia will be able to satisfy everything or at least, easily.

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          Sevilla,hands down,for all the reasons mentioned by PBSF and more!

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            Dietndesire, check out this website on tapas in Seville. It has a ton of information and restaurant reviews. We had the pleasure of dining with Azahar in late June. She does a great job sharing her knowledge of Seville.


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              Thanks for the tip Aleta,nice site,and good photos.

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                You are most welcome, LeRique.

          2. Malaga or Palma de Mallorca.

            Both interesting reasonably sized cities. Excellent food shopping (I know the latter much better than the former - and prefer its market to Barcelona's Boqueria). And sufficiently "real". And both have good trips away from the urban area, if you change your mind about that.

            1. You don't specify Spain, so what about exploring Lisbon? It certainly fits the bill. Otherwise I would certainly support Sevilla but November might not be the best time to walk the streets. Valencia would be worse, and forget S. Sebatien at this time of year.