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Wood Oven Pizza on Roncesvalles!

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Old Cosa Pizza location. Will be two floors. No idea when it will be open. Thin crust Naples style pizza. Info from one of the workers on site.

Cosa Pizza
321 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2M6, CA

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  1. Good to know, thanks for the heads up. Hope it's as good as Libretto.

    1. Wicked!!! The other pizza joint is a diasppointment (papazee's?). I know it's cheap and quick....still not very good.

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        Oh yeah, that place is terrible. They've got their pizzas in the window at 9 in the morning.

        1. re: jamesm

          I expected more from that place since the cook used to work at Massimo's on College.

      2. Anyone know if this place ever opened?

        I'm guessing not, as Toronto's obsession for wood-fired pizza is such that I'm sure I would've read something about them being "the next Libretto!" somewhere or other if they had. But just in case...

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        1. There is already a great pizza joint on Roncy called Pizza Flora. They have a good delivery area, too! The garlic knots are to die for and a must with every order, strombolis are awesome too as an alternative to their delicious pizzas.


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            Thanks for the reco - I grabbed a delivery menu when I walked by there a couple of weeks ago, so I'll give them a try next time we're ordering pizza.

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              i would try a slice first....as we were disappointed by this place. thought the pizza was average at best and costly for quality...pizza nova does a better job and cheaper

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              I've tried Pizza Flora. Not bad.

              They do a great job with the crust, nice crispy outside, pillowy in the middle and perfect thinness/thickness.

            3. Fantastic. Terroni, Libretto (not my fav but at least they are trying), Queen Margherita, and now Cosa. This era will be forever known as the "Good Pizza Revolution" in Toronto...

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                Now has a name - Pizzeria Delfina.

                1. re: frito

                  Sorry Pizzeria Defina. http://pizzeriadefina.com/
                  Nothing on the site yet.

              2. I walked by yesterday. Pizza Defina is still not open, any ideas on when it will be open?

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                  Paper is off the windows but not sure if they've opened or are open today (Sunday) Website still says Coming Soon.

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                    I worry about a place that has been over a year in the making. I look forward to trying it-but this latest craze of super long construction is killing me. This place, keriwa and the enoteca beside keriwa...

                2. A new sign on the door tonight that says .... open next week!

                  We'll see.

                  1. Open since yesterday August 8. Seems busy. No menu posted outside. Website still says "Coming soon".

                    Has anyone been yet?

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                      Haven't been yet, talked about it last night since it's around the corner but decided against it since we expected it to be a madhouse. Will likely try it this weekend though. My girlfriend and I are both fans of libretto (of all types of pizza actually) so we're hoping it will be close in quality.

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                        Apparently they offer 2 types of crust. Neopolitan (like Libretto, QMP & Pizza e Pazzi), and a Roma crust, which is crispier, more rigid.

                        Pizza e Pazzi
                        1182 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON , CA

                      1. re: ylsf

                        A happy accident, we were in the neighbourhood of Pizzeria Defina and decided to give it a go.

                        Overall, really good...but not great. Here is the rundown:

                        The place was busy, but we were seated right away which was nice. The decor/ambiance was great, but the one thing I notice was how similar it is to a lot of other places. A lot of cafés, coffee shops, vintage stores, restaurants, etc. seem to be doing the exposed brick thing these days. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against it, I guess it is just the latest trend in interior design decor, so all these places are really starting to look a like....but I am getting off topic.

                        In an effort to see what this place has to offer, we ordered a marghertia on the Neapolitan and the Roma crusts. I also ordered a side of meat balls just because I had a hankerin.

                        When the meatballs arrived it was a very pretty display. 3 meatballs of a good size for a starter and topped with sauce and a little shredded parmigiano. They were ok, nothing great and actually a little dry, and the flavour was fairly generic, but they filled the void. The one quibble that I had was that the temperature seemed to vary with each bite, and it really puzzled me. I couldn't immediately figure it out, and then it hit me. The meatballs themselves were luke warm to cold from the outside to the very centre, but the sauce was almost piping hot. They were relying on the sauce to warm the meat, and it didn't quite work. As I said, it did fill the void, but I was a little dissappointed.

                        On to the pizzas. They looked good, it was kind of hard to tell them apart at first, but then you could see that the Neapolitan has a slight bigger, puffier crust around the edges (I guess I was expecting the neapolitan to have more visible, distinguishable char). They both tasted good, better than my experience at Terroni's. Between the 2, the Roman crust was preferred. It was very light and crispy.

                        Maybe I have been spoiled by Libretto, QMP & Pizza e Pazzi, but the Neapolitan just seemed like a better thinner version of the garden variety pizzas you find anywhere. This crust was chewy, but not like Libretto or the others, and there was very, very little char.

                        The bill came to about $55 (before tip), which included 2 glasses of wine, the meatballs and 2 pizzas. This is comparable to the other places, most recently Pizza e Pazzi, where the bill for 1 glass of wine, 1 beer and 2 pizzas came to about $50 (before tip).

                        Finally, a note about the service. It was friendly, and really good considering that there seemed to be only 1 server working the entire room. From what I witnessed, the only other 2 staff I saw (besides the pizza makers by the oven) only seemed to be occasionally clearing tables and bringing out a couple dishes every once in a while. For the most part it was just the one server doing everything, and she was very polite despite the fact that she seemed to be run off her feet and when she was running back and forth to the kitchen, you could see the look of fatigue on her face.

                        In summary, this is and will be a great neighbourhood place. I don't think the pizza is enough to make it a go-to, must-try destination like Libretto, but if you are ever walking down Roncy, and you feel like a well made pizza in a warm and friendly environment, then Pizza Defina is definitely worth checking out.

                        Pizza e Pazzi
                        1182 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON , CA

                        1. re: Lazar

                          I went this Saturday and quite enjoyed it. There was a bit of a lineup so it took 20m to be seated but after we were seated i found service to be cheerful and prompt.
                          We had the meatball app, quite nice, sauce was amazing as well and 3 pizzas - wife loved her "funghi" and i my diavelo? - something spicier anyway... i didn't find it overloaded with toppings so maybe they're listening to feedback on here or other boards. My wife says it's good like libretto, and i kind of agree - it's maybe not quite AS GOOD but it's pretty darn similar.
                          I'd comp some bread if i were them and maybe add an app or 2 calamari or whatever if possible.
                          Very enjoyable though super happy some great resto's are popping up over this way : )

                      2. it might have been a better bridal shop than restaurant.

                        service started sketchy and ended worse…i have never not left a tip…but first the food

                        the meatballs were okay, big but kind of hard and chewy-the tomato sauce with them however, was brilliant!

                        the pizza-too many toppings, toppings loaded into the centre-that results in a soggy middle. the toppings need to be balanced and spread out all the pizzas around us suffered the same problem. cooked longer, hotter oven, spun in the oven….so many easy corrections.

                        the carbonara, guanciale was great, pasta cooked perfectly, but the egg was bland, no parm, no salt or anything to add balance to this dish. no s&p on the table-if you don’t want us to season our food-you have to do it correctly.

                        the service.

                        our ‘waiter’ was overwhelmed. yes it was busy but he just couldn’t handle 5 tables of 2-the people next to us were sat before we arrived and had nothing but closed menus on their table. we were ‘lucky’ to get a floor manager type who saw that we were also sitting-but she was quicker and quite engaging for a while until i brought up the problem with the carbonara-her response (before disappearing for the rest of the night) was that this was an ‘italian’ carbonara without cream (canadian as she called it). we have had and cooked many an italian carbonara and understand how it is to be prepared. ‘waiter boy’ delivered our food and asked if we needed anything else-we asked for water which never came. another bottle of wine never came, the waiter and floor manager never came, the request to see if we wanted dessert never came, the bill never came, we went to the bar to pay the bill and when presented with the tip option on the debit machine i said no for the only time in my life thus far.

                        we won’t be back

                        1. I can't comment on the food. We didn't make it that far. Went for dinner Friday night and there was one person in front of us in the line. There was an empty uncleared table - it sat uncleared for the 10 minutes we were waiting and during this time no one a) cleared the table or b) acknowledged the person waiting in front of us - didn't even make eye contact - although a waiter passed so close to this "guest" they might have knocked her over. No friendly hello, sorry, we'll get that table cleared as soon as possible" ... etc. She turned to us and commented "that was pretty bad." We couldn't agree more. We all turned and left. I hope the owners/managers read these posts. There's just no excuse for treating customers willing to leave their money on your tables like that.

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                            Went Saturday night and althought there was a line we were seated within 5 minutes because there were just the two of us and a table opened up. Servers kept bringing bruschetta and some other items to people in the line throughout the night, so that was a nice touch. The line appeared to move fairly quickly from what I could see. Our waitress showed up immediately with water and menus and explained that they were short-staffed since an employee was in a car accident earlier so I appreciated the heads up. She was attentive and friendly if a bit delayed throughout the meal. All in all not a huge deal. We started with the fries which were cooked nicely and perfectly seasoned. They were served with a generous portion of truffle aioli. I also ordered the meatballs. These were delicious. Bite sized with an excellent texture. They were perfectly formed. The meat flavour was outstanding as well. I believe they were a combo of pork, beef and veal. The sauce was also very well done. A really nice rich well-balanced tomato sauce that was both sweet and bright. My girlfriend ordered a proscuitto pizza with the neopolitan crust. I ordered the papardelle with bolognese. I tried one bite of the pizza and it was good but I didn't have enough to really offer a significant comment. My girlfriend really enjoyed it though. She was only able to finish half of it, the portions are generous. I can't be sure but if i recall correctly I believe it is a fair bit larger than Librettos. My pasta was the stand out. The pasta was prepared beautifully and cooked to perfection and the bolgnese was fantastic. I was stuffed but would have happily finished a second serving. Again, the portion was quite generous. We also had a bottle of reasonably priced wine. In total it was about 110 dollars. We felt it was a good value. My only complaint was that it was incredibly hot and became increasingly so throughout the night. We likely would have had a coffee or dessert but we couldn't take the heat any longer.

                          2. Went to Pizzeria Defina last Tuesday night when we didn't feel like waiting 45 minutes for a table at Libretto. I was a bit pessimistic because I had heard some mixed things about the service.
                            I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. And although I'm still not sure that it is as good as Libretto, I really enjoyed it and would go back, and I also perfer the atmostphere here as it doesn't seem as chaotic.
                            All 4 in our party had pizza on the Roman crust, and the general consensus was that it was very good and the tomato sauce was the best we have ever had in Toronto; soo flavourful.
                            To back track a little bit, I asked our waiter whether it would be a problem to make some modifications to the pizza because of a dairy intolerance, and he said that it would be no problem at all.
                            I had heard one critique that said that pizzas were left in the pass for several minutes before they were picked up, but I think this has been corrected, as I noticed that the chef was ringing a little bell when the pizzas were ready and would ring it again or stop one of the servers if they were sitting for more than 30 seconds. I also saw the chef actually delivering a few plates himself to certain tables.
                            3 pizzas arrived to my table, and since we were sitting near the pizza oven, I realized right away that they had added cheese to mine as I heard the chef and waiter talking. The nice thing was that the waiter came to the table, explained that a mistake had been made on my pizza and that a new one was being made right away. When my pizza was ready, the chef actually delivered it to the table with another apology! Bonus points for that!
                            In any case, service was great, pizza was pretty darn good, atmosphere was good as well so I will definitely be back!

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                              Now that you mention it the chef was bringing pizza out to the table beside us as well. I also forgot to mention that the space itself is quite nice.