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Aug 18, 2010 03:25 PM

Au Pied de Cochon with kid

Since I'm always telling people on the board that it's cool to take kids to Au Pied de Cochon, we thought we'd try it as we were out celebrating with our youngest son. Wwe were too busy to reserve very far in advance so we got an 8pm sitting at the bar/kitchen.

Since my son wants to be a chef when he grows up the noise and chaos of the kitchen were very interesting to him. We saw lots of other families dining nearby, usually with slightly older children. He had marinated saucissettes (didn't like them as much as I did but they are very inexpensive so it was no great risk), then a side order poutine (sans foie gras) and a ginger ale so he was a cheap date. He also shared our starters of zucchini flower tempura and tomato and parmesan salad. Both were very nice although the tomato salad at $9 was expensive for such a simple dish one can make at home.

The adults indulged in foie gras dishes not usually mentioned on these boards. I had the foie gras with fruits, which means a big chunk of perfectly seared foie gras with a coulis and raspberries, some braised caramelized onions, some puree of potato and cream, delicious. I give it high marks. Plateaupapa had a foie gras special with corn, so also foie gras poelé but this time on a bed of polenta and with creamed corn (in foie gras drippings, I think) next to it. All very seasonal and delicious but he kept scooping up my coulis so I think perhaps the fruit order is better. All in all, a very festive time.

The side order poutine was a large portion and heartily appreciated by my son, but he did find the service slow (he does not want to be a waiter when he grows up) as it was pretty busy and so we left quite late, no time for dessert.

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  1. interesting review, thanks and i had not thought it would be a place of interest to a child as just doesnt look child friendly, guess it does depend on child. I found the poutine large even for an adult and a bit too much gravy for my taste but I am not a poutine fan and will never be converted to this fave quebec dish. But the poutine with foie gras was certainly worth a one time experience for me--even though i dont really enjoy french fries

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      The poutine is very large and there's certainly more gravy than cheese. He said it was good, not his favourite - that would be at La Banquise. He's six, btw, and we did have some crayons and paper with us. Some of the dishes are pretty wild for kids and adults to see, like the tete de cochon that went by. And his neighbour at the bar had Duck in a Can, which was also pretty amusing. The bar seats are low though, should have brought a phone book. More surprising is that he still insists on being a chef, even after seeing how hard they work.

      1. re: Plateaumaman

        Hehe well being 6 he has never really worked, and probably can't differnciate "hard work" of a kitchen to "hard work" of cleaning up your toys when you're done.

        Thanks for the review! No children myself but i want to go to pied de cochon and i'm curious about the atmosphere. Reading this, actually i am tempted to ASK to be seated at the bar :) It sounds fun!

        1. re: SourberryLily

          Oh, the kitchen bar is definitely a great place to sit, particularly if you're on your own or going as a pair (difficult to have much of a conversation if there are more of you). It's great fun to see the dishes being prepared. Every night at a certain time (think it's 9 or 10pm) someone rings a bell and the kitchen staff has a couple minutes' break and a beer. It's the kind of thing that's fun to observe and that you'd miss if you were sitting at a table. The drinks bar is good too, though there's less action on that side. Of course, if you want to really pay attention to your dinner companion then a table is best. Hope you have fun!

          1. re: GreyPoupon

            Funny thing happened over the weekend. I was in a Boston restaurant (Regina's pizzeria) and there was a long lineup. Then they announced that if willing, we could skip all the lineup and seat at the bar. Remembering this recent convo, i went for it!

            Wow such fun! Being two, we were closer together so able to talk, and sometimes included the waitress at the bar into the conversations. It was a great experience, really unique.

            Special thanks to you, Plateaumaman and Grey Poupon. I just discovered a new type of dining :D

            1. re: SourberryLily

              Very cool. I have to admit, I have eaten both at the bar and at tables at Au Pied de Cochon and when I sit at a table it always feels as though I'm missing something. Unless you are with a larger group and want to talk, as pointed out here. Glad to be of help!

              Inspired by our outing, my son now makes a mean risotto - who else has the patience for all that stirring? I am encouraging his interests, that's for sure.