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Aug 18, 2010 02:30 PM

Recent Trip Report

It's funny the things you miss after moving, so here is what I hit on recent trip, in chronological order.

1) Sneaky Pete's, Hoover for 2 Dogs, all the way. Everybody has a fave dog in Bham, these are mine.
2) Fish Market. Eerily quiet on a Friday night. What gives? Overall BP/Gulf Fears? I'm accustomed to their being quite a line.
3) Purple Onion's Mint Sweet Tea. God why don't they bottle this? It blows any storebought Mint Tea out of the water.
4) Dreamland Ribs. I have a quart of their sauce in the fridge, and put it on more food items than I would care to admit.
6) Makarios. What an embarassment of riches Birmingham has in the Greek/Middle Eastern department. A Baba Ghanouj was uninspiring, but a Lamb Shawarma was stunning, recalling the delicious Nabeel's pitas of my wasted youth.

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  1. Too bad Gus Burgers and Bean Dogs went off to the great hot dog joint in the sky. How much is a Pete's combo running these days?

    What did you have at Alabama Seafood...I mean Fish Market? I can stand for a half hour gazing at that giant chalkboard in the sky.

    Hopefully you were at Purple Onion at the appropriate hour [3am] when the trannies gather to discuss the nights hi-jinx over big plates of hummus.

    I'm still waiting on Dreamland's grill to have enough seasoning on it at the Southside location. It's too new to be any good.

    I don't know Makarios but I still daydream about Ali Baba's Sunday buffet. Wonder if it's still up and running?

    Purple Onion
    1550 Montgomery Hwy Ste P, Birmingham, AL 35216

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      Gus's? That used to be on Valley Ave. in Homewood? That's old school. How long were you in Bham?

      I threw caution to the wind and had some raw Gulf oysters and a Greek salad (yum!) at Fish Market. I didn't get much of a scene at the Onion, but Makario's gets a bizarre mix right there on 20th.

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Ali Baba's has been under new ownership for about a year now. Still Persian, but more focused on homestyle. Theybrought a sister over from Iran to cook, from what I understand. Don't know if they still do the Sunday buffet. I've been wanting to go, but it's been difficult to go places like that with small children (can't wait until they're more adventurous).