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Aug 18, 2010 01:51 PM

GREAT breakfast for a GREAT hike

If you were me and you were driving ME Rt 302 to NH Rt 16 from Portland, ME to Mt Washington, and you wanted a GREAT breakfast- where would you go and why???? ( And I mean GREAT-I'll be eating nuts and berries for days as I hike to the top of the mountain!) .

Thanks for your input!

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  1. I recently ate at Stone Dog Cafe, which was solid. I was there just before closing, so I imagine it'd be even better earlier in the day. It has gotten good reviews on this board, I believe.

    Another possibility is Chute's. I haven't been there in years (seriously, probably 15), but I remember loving it when I worked at a nearby summer camp.

    Have a great hike!

    ETA: Sorry, I forgot to say that these are both in Windham, so you may want something closer to Mt. Washington.

    1. Ricky's Diner on Main Street in Bridgton, and bring a quarter for the jukebox

      Ricky's Diner
      109 Main St, Bridgton, ME 04009

      1. Thank you both- Stone Dog and Chute's(house made english muffins?? Yes please!) I know well. While the Stone Dog is great, their service, even for a cafe/break/luch spot leaves something to be deisred.
        Any NH spots? Does North Conway offer anything special(definetly planning a stop at Moat Mt Smokehouse for beers on the return...)?

        1. In North Conway try the Back Alley Cafe !