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Aug 18, 2010 01:45 PM

Reccommendation for Beer and Dinner place?

Hey Philadelphians,

Husband and I are visiting Philly for 2 nights. Please recommend any place with interesting beer and dinner combo. Or a fave restaurant of yours priced $40 a meal. Thanks!


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  1. Night #1: South Philly Tap Room
    Night #2: Brauhaus Schmitz

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    1. re: Buckethead

      South Philly Tap Room has been at the top my list for a long time, a point I have expressed many times on this board. But I gotta keep repping them. I had an insanely good "line-caught" bluefish special there last night. $13 and as good or better than what would cost well over $20 anywhere else. 12oz pours of Russian River Pliny the Elders for $6. Definitely the best gastropub right now.

    2. Add to those good recs The Standard Tap (pub fare and local brews) and Monks (Belgian beer and mussels/frites).

      I understand that Monks is open for business despite its front door recently having had an unfortunate accident with a SEPTA bus--

      1. Philly is a really strong beer city.
        A lot of bars have excellent beer selections and pretty good food. Pub and Kitchen and Good Dog also do well in terms of good food and beer.
        I would check the food blogs to see if anything particular is happening when you will be in town, in terms of beer events ( for example).

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        1. re: FattyFatMan

          is also a nice calendar of beer events. Besides the gastropubs (the good ones all listed on this thread), you can look out for "beer dinner" events at more traditional restaurants, like the one coming up a Chifa.

          I would encourage you to get to some of the pubs outside of Center City because to me these places tend to have better food, not to mention lower prices, than the places downtown.

          1. re: FattyFatMan

            Another good source for beer/food events in the Philly area:


            They do a weekly calendar, as well as a monthly one which is broken out by region (city, closer suburbs, eastern PA), and price range.

          2. Second Standard Tap. Also, Memphis Taproom, Local 44, Resurrection Ale House (all same owners). Kraftwork, Pub & Kitchen, and Royal Tavern.

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            1. re: croissantanyone

              South Philly Tap Room - make sure you order food from their specials menu which is for the most part interesting and excellent. Wild Boar tacos are also notable, and they have great oysters.

              1. re: der

                Whoa, you Philadelphians are awesome! Thank you so much for your great suggestions! I am going to savor my research and give you full report on which beer and food place we choose. Thank you a million times! Sukmon

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                  hey sukmon, if you want to go out of center city a smidge check out bridgids in fairmount. food is reasonably priced and tasty, lots of belgian beers on tap, plus it's in a small little cozy space. and down the street is the eastern state penitentiary, which is neat to stumble by afterwards!