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Aug 18, 2010 01:31 PM

Paris Report - Leyoden, Chez L’Ami Jean, Rech, Le Cinq, La Gaigne

We were in Paris in mid June and had a fantastic time. Thank you to everyone on this board who recommended places and helped us with our list.

Leyoden (Dinner here the first night). I really wanted to love it and just did not. The room is beautiful. Appetizers: Shrimp with cucumber – was a bit bland, Salad with a kind of pop rock topping – was very good and the concept was just fun. Entrees – Veal – was a little dry and not that exciting and John Dory with a lot of tarragon foam was fine, but not amazing. Overall it just OK which is not OK at that price point. I thought there was an overuse of foams which seems a little dated. Our waiter was very rushed and not particularly nice or helpful.

Chez L’Ami Jean – (Dinner) Really liked. Yes, the tables are close, but it’s fun. Very friendly crowd, funny, helpful waiter, good food. Had tomatoes and mushrooms to start – both very good. Entrees – Pork which was tender and yummy and Turbot which was good. Rice pudding and strawberry soup for dessert – loved. We’d go back.

Rech – (Dinner) We also really liked. If you like fish, go here. It was one of the best meals that we had. Oysters to start. Entrees Skate and Salmon. Both were delicious. Ended with very tasty brioche. Service was good.

Le Cinq – (Lunch) Our best meal. Beautiful room, great service. Loved every part of the experience. Had oysters to start, Entrees: Sole and Lamb which were both amazing. Great desserts. Loved the cheese cart and the candy cart. We’ll be back.

La Gaigne (Dinner). We had an uneven meal here. I forgot to write down all the details, but my recollection is that our entrees were just OK, but the appetizers and desserts were very, very good – so good that we would eat there again.

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  1. "La Gaigne"
    This is I think the third iffy report we've gotten and as a booster of the place, I'm disappointed.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      C'mon, John-- even the best places get panned here and on Trip Advisor or Zagat comments occasionally. No places get unanimous kudos. I was at LE Gaigne, and I also liked it. Just keep going back!

      Have you been to Le Coude Fou?

      1. re: menton1

        I'm a zero tolerance guy; one bad meal and it takes a lot of persuading to seduce me back.

        As for Le Coude Fou - Should I?

        1. re: John Talbott

          I have been in Le Gaigne 2 or 3 weeks ago, and the dinner was very good. We'll definitely return. We have also been in Le Marcab, as recommended by you, John, and that was rather disapponting, the meal was not bad, but somehow uninspired.

          1. re: kobri

            That's the second report I've had of a disappointing meal at Marcab in as many weeks. I'll take it off my future list of recs; something has clearly happened since Colette and I went last in March.

            1. re: John Talbott

              No, I haven't been. I was asking if you had any info about Le Coude Fou. (The internet videos are charming!)

              1. re: menton1

                OK, I have to be in the Marais next week, I'll breeze by.

    2. The things that they did well were really good as opposed to the entire meal being unimpressive. I thought it would be worth another shot.

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      1. re: SFCA

        May I ask what the cost of Le Gaigne is roughly. They seem to offer a very reasonably-priced tasting menu that looks too reasonably to be true. Would 150EUR cover a meal for two with modest wine?

        1. re: ManInTransit

          Would 150EUR cover a meal for two with modest wine?

          At Le Gaigne? 150 euro would be the bill for 3 or 4 !

          1. re: Parigi

            Well that's a nice surprise, not often you get to say that about well-regarded Parisian restaurants!

            1. re: ManInTransit

              Le Gaigne is a nice place in the Marais to have a non-gut-busting lunch, but you know it is not in the same league as Leyoden, Chez L’Ami Jean, Le Cinq.

      2. "Rech – (Dinner) We also really liked. If you like fish, go here. It was one of the best meals that we had."
        "La Gaigne (Dinner). We had an uneven meal here"
        Ooooh ooooh, hope I didn't steer you wrong here, more and reports have been iffy if not negative; gotta go back.

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        1. re: John Talbott

          Had a hauntingly divine lunch at Le Gaigne last December. Hope to return this December. Dinner at Le Coude Fou - ok, but not memorable, the service a bit brusk and unfriendly, and not all that cheap for the rustic environs. I think Le Pre Verre is a better choice with a similar vibe, and cheaper and better.

          1. re: Gman

            "Had a hauntingly divine lunch at Le Gaigne"
            Me too today.