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Aug 18, 2010 01:28 PM

early evening meal near Gare de Bercy

I am boarding a train at about 8pm from the Gare de Bercy and would like to have a meal before this very near the station. A brasserie would seem ideal but there doesn't seem to be much near?

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  1. The #14 metro line serves both the Gare de Bercy and nearby Cour St. Emilion, an urban mall one metro stop away that has several options for an early evening meal. It's also probably a 10 minute walk at most.

    Note that several restaurants seem to be closed for renovation according to the site.

    1. I feel your pain. That early, the star in the nabe, the Cafe Cartouche will just be setting up and I have done poorly at all the Cour St Emilion places (the Nicolas, open without interuption, is ok for a glass of wine and salad but beyond that ?????) Closest to the Gare is a brasserie which looks fungible with 100 others - avoid Le 51 outside the Cinamatheque, awful.

      1. I believe that L'Oulette is close to Gare de Bercy. I had a very nice meal there but it has been a while back.


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          It is nice Forest, (BTW, how are you?), but with baggage, it's a schlep and at 6 PM, I doubt they're taking orders.

        2. The OP's question brings to light the problem(s) that face travelers who are forced to use Gare de Bercy. I can't understand why it is such a stepchild of both SNCF and Paris. Mention Gare de Bercy in French circles and everyone winces. Throngs of passengers pass through this gare daily, most carting food parcels for their trip since there is nothing available at the gare nor in the immediate vicinity. Someone could make out rather well with even a food carte near the metro/bus stop. Think of it: a rotating plat du jour, packaged to go. Without even asking what it is I'd opt for one. (Am I ranting again?)

          1. Oh dear...this is not looking good

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              Earlier in the day, you can go to a market and shop for a picnic dinner for the train. A jar of good foie gras, a baguette, a good red, some fruit or pastries. I have done this many times. It is downright pleasant and is much better than the alternative of running around with your luggage eating indifferently in an indifferent café or brasserie.

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                This is what we and most other travelers do. As Parigi says, it really is lovely to "dine" at your leisure on the train. Every class has at least a pull-down tray for your convenience.

                (We have also discovered several cold soups sold in supermarkets that are quite delicious and make an interesting contribution to a train meal. At around 4€ a liter, you can afford to leave what you don't consume. )