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Aug 18, 2010 01:23 PM

Monferrato - nizza monferrato and further east?


In a few weeks, our enlarged family will spend a week in Bruno (a small village, two-thirds of the way from Alessandria to Nizza Monferrato).

I have done some research - for good restaurants, good agriturismos and good aziendas. However, most of the suggestions are about places further west (around Asti, or somewhere in the Langhe). We will do some daytrips, but we would like to do something in the "really" local area. That is: East of Nizza, north of Acqui Terme, west of Alessandria.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Hamha, good point, since most Piedmont tourists head for the most famous (and most expensive) wine areas of Barolo and Barbaresco, these get more write-ups on internet travel and food forums. In fact Piedmont's central wine (and food) hills ("the zone" ) cover a wider quardrangle from Casale Monferatto in the North East, over to Chieri (NW), down to Bra (SW) and over to Acqui Terme (SE), with Asti in the middle and Alba/Acqui as the Southern anchors. You will be based in the Southern Monferrato with Nizza M. as your main town, and not to worry the hills abound with wonderful little mom and pop osterie and trattorie off the well beaten internet trail. Its hard to go wrong in this area.

    You will be in the province of Asti, and you can download a basic restaurant list at

    My personal favourites around Nizza are
    Trattoria I Bologna (Rochetta Tanaro) –Via Nicola Sardi 4, 0141-644600, closed Tuesday
    La Rotonda ( Nizza Monferrato) – Via Migliardi 9, 0141-726-035 closed Monday
    La Crôta ď Calos (Calosso) – Via Cairoli 10 - 0141-853-232. Closed Wednesday

    You will about 40 minutes from the Langhe, well worth doing a day there, either Barbaresco or Barolo and Alba, also don't miss out a day in the N. Monferatto, great restuarant we wrote about in another post, not too far from Bruno
    Il Merlo Ghiottone (Castagnole Monferrato) - via Roma 88, 0141-292134. Closed Monday

    Buon appetito!

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      FWIW there are3 current Slowfood places in Nizza Monferrarato - Bun Ben Bon, Le Due Lanterne and Vineria della Signora in Rosso, and there are several others nearby

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        I think Rotonda is better then Due Lanterna (having a Slow Food listing means you pay to go in the book). La Signora in Rosso is actually the regional enoteca for Barbera wines, they serve food on weekends. A good place to visit. Try also Alla Locanda in Mombaruzzo (famous for its Amaretti biscuits) and Osterie 46 in Acqui Terme. My Piedmont restaurant list shows La Taverna della Baccante in Bruno ( also a winery but no feedback from anyone I know.

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          We split some of the discussion of whether Slow Food requires payment for listings over to our Food Media board:

          If people have tips on which local slow food places are good or bad, please do feel free to post them in this thread.

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