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Aug 18, 2010 01:16 PM

glut of lemon grass

hello all, i recently had to make room for my basil plants and trimmed down my overgrown lemon grass patch. i've made green thai curry twice already (sadly without galangal) and need new EASY ideas to use up all this lemon grass. also, i have them in a large bowl with shallow water in the fridge - how long will they keep? any better way i can store them? thanks in advance!

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  1. I just posted a recipe to the other lemongrass thread. I won't repost it here, but it's a good way to use up lots of lemongrass at once. :-)

    1. Lemongrassade or tisanes. Lemongrass pie. Roast chicken stuffed with lemongrass. Lemongrass infused vodka.

      1. Lemongrass timbales. Lemongrass frappe. Lemongrass cachous. Lemongrass aoli. Lemongrass pistou. Lemongrass aspic.

        Spanking good options, all of 'em.

        1. Glad for your post- I'm in the same boat- my garden has not done terribly well this year except for the extensive supply of lemon grass. I have been making tom yum soup and throwing it in every stirfry and it has been great- but I think my husband and I would appreciate some new approaches too

          1. You can slice and dry it or just trim and freeze, which allows you to process it later.

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              Store it, tightly wrapped in Ziploc bags, in the frig. Keeps for a few weeks. Trim and freeze stalks or thinly slice and freeze, either way. Keeps for months.

              JungMann's lemongrass infused vodka sounds terrific, as does Perilagu's aioli.

              Lemongrass (citronella, as in the candles, Cymbopogon nardus, probably not your cultivar) is a great mosquito repellent.

              If I was overrun, I would give it to neighbors, but where you are (the OP, that is) your neighbors probably have their own.

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                I assume you meant to reply to the original post.

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                  Well, I started out agreeing with and expounding on your storage suggestion, then the post turned into something more; yes, it was written with the OP in mind.