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Aug 18, 2010 12:45 PM

Woodward at Ames--what should I get?

Going to dinner w/ friends at Woodward at Ames on Friday night. Wondering what people would recommend on the menu. I can't eat shellfish, but other than that, I can have anything else.

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  1. The ONLY thing I liked at WatA was the Boston mule .. a cocktail based on the Russian mule but using Absolut Boston. One of the yummier cocktails I've ever had. Absolutely hated the rest of the "scene" but granted, I didn't eat there. Please report back.

    1. Ive been to Woodward a few times and the dishes that stood out are:

      Crisp local pork belly with pickled rhubarb
      Short rib tortellini with madeira and truffle butter
      Duck confit flatbread with goat cheese and dried cranberries
      Radish Toast - Dont see it on the menu anymore for some reason, very simple but good

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        Matt H's recommendations are exactly the dishes I would recommend. The duck flatbread is probably my favorite.

        A shame the bartending isn't uniformly up to the level of the bar manager's (as often happens below the top tier of cocktail bars in town). The scene is either horrific or hilarious or exactly what you're looking for, depending on your tastes.

      2. The short rib tortellini is amazing. I didn't like the pork bellies at all though (first time having them however, so probably not a reflection on the restaurant, just didn't like them in general.) One of the salads (forgot the name) was simple and tasty, and the mussels are really good too. (I know you said no shellfish, but commenting on everything i have ordered from there.)

        The pickled fruits/vegetables they bring out as a snack were disgusting albeit unique.

        I forgot the after dinner drink i got, but it was some type of frothy alcoholic coffee and it was really good. I tasted both hot and cold at the same time.

        1. All I remember is enjoying the Ames Addiction cocktail...

          1. I've only been twice, but both times, the duck confit flatbread with cranberries and goat cheese was the stand out. Yum.