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Aug 18, 2010 12:40 PM

AWESOME All-Clad Deals!!!

The Williams Sonoma outlet has some crazy deals now on first quality All-Clad original stainless. The 4 qt. saute and simmer pan with lid is $65, the 6 qt. deep saute with fry basket and tongs is $100, the 9" French skillet $39.99 and the 11" $44.99. Their shipping is very high at about 20% of what you buy, but still worth it if you can't get to an outlet.

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  1. So, do you have to call them?

    1. Anyone get anything, or am I the only bad girl that ordered two skillets and the saute & simmer? $65 for a first quality, boxed stainless 4 qt. saute pan and lid? I want to use it as a wok too! Come on guys! I can't be the only one who couldn't resist these prices. Fess up...LOL! Wadja get?

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      1. re: blondelle

        I could not find a Williams Sonoma outlet on the computer. We do not have one close by. I searched as I wanted to buy the 4 quart saute. Have no idea how to find to order online. I suppose you can not order online. I found several stores and telephone numbers for them. I should have just started calling? I guess deeznuts above ran into the same problem. Gives us some advice, Blondelle. We need to have it layed out so we can just jump in and order. Thanks millions.

        1. re: Tinker

          All you do is call the outlet near you for the fastest shipping and they take the order by phone with a credit card. Shipping is $19.96 on the first $100 and 20% of the items over that. You can add the $39.99 9" skillet and have that shipped too for just a little more shipping charge.

          Here's a link to the stores:

        2. re: blondelle

          My DH bought two ss French Skillets at 50% off at the outlet store in Riverhead. Quite a lot of temptation there! Great pans, great deal! Thanks, blondelle!