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Aug 18, 2010 12:33 PM

Looking for "fun" restaurant for 11 y.o birthday party

Want to take my daughter and 4 friends to a "fun" restaurant for her birthday. Obviously doesn't have to be gourmet and would prefer it not be very expensive. We've thought about hibachi but wondering if anyone has any other ideas. Looked at the fondue place but not sure if that's really for kids. Any suggestions would be great appreciated!

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  1. How eclectic are these 11-year-olds? Nothing beyond Chickie MacNuggies or up to sashimi? And, also, where are you?

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      I second Continental Midtown, my niece loved it as does my mom. My other, probably really, first choice would be distrito in University city....make it really fun and reserve the car table!

      1. I haven't been in years, but there's a place on South Street called Marrakesh that might be fun and different for adventurous kids. The cuisine is Moroccan. No tables here, you sit on pillows on the floor and eat with your fingers. They even have belly dancers - how fun is that?

        There is also a Korean BBQ place on West Chester Pike near 69th street. I'm blanking on the name, but if you're interested, I'll make the sacrifice, go to dinner there, and get it . It's kind of fun because you can cook your own food right at the table over a grill in the center. They just reprinted the menu in Korean and English, so the girls should have no problems there. The food is wonderful, but one word of caution - every time we go, we're the only ones in the restaurant! Seriously.

        Tell me where you are, or where you're looking, and I'll keep thinking. We, too, have a birthday dinner coming up. Except that instead of 11 year old girls, I'll have ten year old boys!

        1. Max Brenner would be lots of fun for 11 year olds

          1. Errr...... Distrito is super expensive, especially for four 11 year olds.

            I'd second thehungrything's recc for Max Brenner,or Bobby's Burger Place in West Philly which is a lot of fun, or Kotatsu which is a Hibachi grill in Ardmore, or Gianna's grill in South Philly which does good pizza and nice ice cream desserts and has lots of vegetarian options for picky eaters. Plus South St is always fun.

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              Thank you all for these GREAT suggestions! We're in Narberth and have been to Kotatsu many times, but my daughter has been to 3 birthdays there in the past year alone. Looking for something a bit more fun. My daughter is pretty adventurous food-wise--can't speak for her friends (but don't really care!).

              She would LOVE the Moroccan. That's probably first on the list right now. Will happily take more suggestions if you have them.

              The Korean BBQ place must be Nagwon Garden--will check that out too.

              Thank you!!

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                i'm in ardmore! don't you wish there were more good places around here?In town, El Vez is fun and mexican, chips and guac is always good, and my daughter loves continental on 18th for the french fries, burgers and --i think they have some cool chairs?? Also, pod near Penn, although i've never been, family say it's fun/interesting. there is a belly dancing/middle eastern place in the city ave center, next to ny bagels, behind McDonalds --don't know anything about the food, but know people who have been there for the belly dancing!