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Aug 18, 2010 11:56 AM

Best produce in the metro

Hi all,

Just wondering what your thoughts are on where to find the best produce in the (general) metro area. I am open to travel, just want to hear some more options- especially during the winter months.


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  1. During the summer? St. Paul Farmers Market. For non-local / out of season, including winter, I live within a nexus of 5 grocery stores, so it's hard to say, I go to each for different reasons.

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    1. re: semanticantics

      Maybe this would be true for any of the co-ops, but the Seward and the Wedge both have consistently very good produce.

    2. In the Summer and early Fall, all the major farmers' markets but especially St. Paul and Mill City. Loon Organics at the Mill City market is a personal favorite (with a great CSA program). Two words: hakurei turnips! Although the season for them has now passed...

      Otherwise, the Wedge.

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      1. re: torchon

        Since the OP asked particularly for the winter months- I will say, the Wedge... And even in the summer fruit is very very limited at the Farmer's Markets so I get it at the Wedge. Really , all the coops use pretty much the same distributors so the same items are often at all of them. There can be price variations and I try to keep an eye on them to get the lower prices. And sometimes one coop like Linden Hills may mysteriously have some organic apples that the Wedge doesn't. Some of this comes down to which store environment you prefer, the coops all have their own unique personalities, flaws and good points.

        1. re: faith

          Second (or third) for the Wedge.

          Of the chain type places, I prefer Kowalski's.