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Aug 18, 2010 11:39 AM

When Pigs Fly & farmer's markets

Does anyone know which farmer's markets When Pigs Fly goes to? I was downtown last Thursday and grabbed a baguette from them which was a knockout. Not a traditional Parisian French baguette by any means but a tremendous loaf of bread in a more country style- great crust, really great flavor- my new favorite loaf in the Boston area. Paired with Kerrygold butter and prosciutto, it made a knockout of a European-style sandwich. Sad part is that I probably won't ever get downtown on a Thursday any time soon.

Their websites list their stores, but not which farmer's markets they attend. Neither Boston-area stores is especially convenient to me so I was hoping to find a farmer's market to to open up my options.

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  1. Maine: York - Saturday
    Wells - Wednesday

    Boston, MA: Government Center - Monday & Wednesday
    South Station - Tuesday & Thursday
    South End Open Market - Sunday
    Prudential Center - Thursday

    Cambridge, MA: Kendall Square - Wednesday

    Mashpee, MA: Saturday

    Salem, MA: Thursday

    Providence, RI: Saturday

    1. They are also at the Harvard U. Farmers' Market at the Science Center at Harvard. I bought from them yesterday. They are there every Tuesday.

        1. re: Scruffy The Cat

          They do also offer online ordering through their website. You can order a minimum of three loaves, and then just freeze them.

        2. Love the choclate bread from them at the Salem Farmer's Market on Thursday.

          1. Indeed, they are in Salem on Thursdays. I bought a loaf from them on a very rainy day. While I bought it (potato onion), I noticed they were *throwing out* a ton of bread because the bread got wet in the storm. After a bit of begging on my part, they gave me a baguette that was supposed to be thrown out. Well, it was barely damp and absolutely delicious.

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              Plus, you can refresh it by wetting the entire outside and baking it off for 10-15 minutes. Comes out crisp out/soft in just like at the bakery!