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Aug 18, 2010 11:37 AM

ISO Delicious, thin chicken sausages, suitable for the BBQ

Does anyone have a favourite supplier?

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  1. Akhavan (NDG & other locations) has homemade spicy-chicken sausages that are delicious. Milano (St-Laurent below Jean-Talon) also makes some Italian style chicken sausages that are yummy - with basil & tomato if I recall.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Thank you kpzoo, these recs are great! I love the idea of Akhavan's homemade spicy chicken!

    2. Volailles et Gibiers Fernando on Roy in the plateau also make a spicy chicken sausage

      1. Some day I'll have to try Akhavan - despite the obvious problem of crossing town with chicken sausages in tow!

        Was just going to suggest the Milano ones, as they are thin. Fernando has lovely chicken sausages as well, also turkey and duck, but they are a bit thicker. No problem for a bbq though - I've done them many times on my Tfal grill, which is far from ideal.

        1. Tony at Boucherie Westmount makes great homemade Chicken,Lamb,Pork,Veal and Merguez Sausages.Tel :514-481-1811

          1. Thank you all for the recommendations. Just to follow up - I went to the NDG Akhavan this afternoon but they were out of the chicken sausages! So, if you really want them, perhaps call ahead!

            I am going to try Fernando on Roy this afternoon - the BBQ is tomorrow night, and I will report back with what I end up purchasing and, most importantly, how they taste!

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              Oh no, SO sorry you missed out on the Akhavan sausages! I go there almost every week and only once or twice have they ever been sold out, bad timing - sorry!

              1. re: kpzoo

                It is Ramadan now, so a time of major get-togethers (after sundown) for all (majoritarily) Muslim peoples.

                I'd love to try those but it is a long trek home (by bus and m├ętro or on my bicycle) with chicken sausages.

                But I've always liked Fernando's poultry sausages.