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Aug 18, 2010 09:59 AM

Lechon in Montreal?

Is there any? I've been reading so much about it on Marketman's blog that I have to find some or make my own.

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  1. Lechon is typically slow roasted and basted over coals on a spit, The resulting crispy skin has more of a glossy almost "patent-leather" look. However, outside of ordering a whole pig, for a single serving you'll have to make do with the chinese iteration of roast pork. The grocery store in chinatown, on St Laurent and de la Gauchetiere, NW corner (beside the other one that burnt down) has roast pork which gives me my fix. From what I remember, they also have Mang Tomas' "All-purpose sauce" which is the requisite pair. Also try it with white vinegar and pepppers.

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      Sabor Latino-Andes - 4387, boul Saint-Laurent, has fried pork skin, chicharonnes. Dipped in Mang Tomas, isn't really authentic filipino, but any Pinoy worth her flip-flops would eat a plate of that.

      1. re: tocino.

        "but any Pinoy worth her flip-flops would eat a plate of that."

        HA! that's gotta be this week's best quote on the board :)

    2. I was near Cote St Catherine metro station for the first time and I spotted a Filipino restaurant that I haven't heard mentioned on this board before. I walked in to have a look and was greeted very warmly by the man working there. They had a variety of dishes available, including many in a refrigerated display case, which you could buy for take out. It wasn't clear to me though that if you ordered a dish whether they would reheat this food for you, or make it fresh. They have a buffet of about 8 dishes on the weekends, for $9.50. And, most importantly, on November 6th they have a special Halloween buffet coming up (starting at 11:30am I think), which will feature lechon!! And adobo! (which he mentioned they don't make every day)

      If anyone has tried the food from this place, please share!

      Information from their business card (no website it seems)
      Cuisine de Manille
      5710 Victoria Ave (corner Cote St Catherine)
      Dine-in, take-out, catering, lechon orders