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Aug 18, 2010 09:41 AM

What to Eat at Miller Park

I'm taking my son to start at U of Wisconsin, Madison next week, flying into Milwaukee and going to a Brewers' game on the way through town. It's my first time at this ballpark, which I've heard is awesome. The food (sausages in particular) at the ballparks in the Midwest have such a great reputation, which is well deserved, from my experiences at several other parks in Ohio and Chicago in recent years. Are there any vendors at Miller Park that are exceptional, i.e., much better than the others? What about microbrews? Anything else I need to know? Thank you so much!!

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  1. What they're most known for is the brats (bratwurst). I go every year. I haven't been overly impressed by any of the concessions there, but maybe others have. In any case, you can take a look at what they've got under "concessions" in their "A to Z Guide" at

    1. The Brats and Polish Sausage are good at any vendor. Don't forget the Secret Stadium Sauce. Try the deep fried cheese curds , a Wisconsin favorite. As far as Micro Brews, I think you can get Lakefront beers and Sprecher but I could be mistaken.

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        Miller Park is big on tailgating...the best food is usually found in the parking lot being served on folding tables behind people's cars. Start talking with random people and you will probably find a new friend that will invite you to join their tailgate :)

        A Brat with sauerkraut and the special "Stadium Sauce". The sauce is a kind of a spicy ketchup that is so popular it's sold by the bottle at local grocery stores. All the condiment bars in the stadium have ketchup/brown mustard/stadium sauce and relish/sauerkraut/raw onions on them.

        The cheese curds they sell at the stadium are battered with Leinenkugel's beer and are served in a container shaped like a little canoe. Love. Them.

        Not sure about the Lakefront and Sprecher, but I know for sure that you can get Leinie's draft beers at the stadium due to the fact that MIller owns their distribution rights.

        Speaking of, if you have some extra time before the game, a brewery tour is always a good way to kill some time. Miller is right by the stadium and local favorite Lakefront is about 10 minutes away...

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          Yeah, my brother and I went to a game there last year and I think we did not close our mouths the whole time we were walking through the tailgaters. It is amazing. We are from L.A. and you cannot tailgate at Dodger's Stadium! Everyone's food smelled so good and they were all having a great time. I had the cheese curds and a brat while there - we were in the lower level, by left field. Great seats, beautiful stadium!
          I wish I knew how to attach pics here since I just went in and found some I took of the Sausage Race!

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          They key to the sausage experience, I prefer the Polish, is to order your sausage and ask them to put sauce, kraut, and onions right on it. Not all stands are equip to do this, but if they have a grill and the containers of condiments right on the grill, you should definitely have them load up your sausage.

          They dip the sausage in the secret sauce, then put the hot kraut and onions on it. Way better than getting them cold at the condiment table.

        3. Everyone should experience the Club level at least once. The food is better, and the desserts are wonderful. Try for the seats with wait staff.

          On a related non-edible but food-ish topic, don't miss the Sausage Race! (You'll see.)

          1. Mse924 gives great advice! You'll find great food and very friendly people in the parking lot who are more than happy to show off their tailgate prowess. As for microbrews, you'll can find them at the smaller kiosks throughout the stadium. There's one behind sec 224 and another one around 214. I'm sure there's a few on other levels as well. You'll find brews from Lakefront and New Glarus, as well as small selection of imports or other premiums (I'm pretty sure it's the premiums that Miller distributes, like Pilsner Urquell). One additional tip I like to give to visitors: If you're not going to tailgate, try taking a shuttle from one of the local bars. I prefer the bars on Bluemound, such as Rounding Third (my choice), Kelly's Bleachers, McGinns or Steve's. It's free with the purchase of beer, you don't have to fight traffic (or pay for parking), and you can get good food and drink before and after. Have fun!

            5901 W Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53213

            Kelly's Bleachers
            5218 W Blue Mound Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53208

            Rounding Third
            6317 W Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53213