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Aug 18, 2010 08:39 AM

Best Philly food souvenirs? Maybe from Reading Terminal Market?

Headed to Philly for a weekend and would like to bring back some treats for the in-laws. (And for us, too, of course.) As I don't think cheesesteaks will travel well, and all I can think of is the chocolate peanut butter pretzels, would you give some other suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. Not sure about the chocolate peanut butter variety ;-(, but whenever I visit back home I always grab a couple of dozen regular street pretzels. If not eaten the same day, they should be wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen. Warm in microwave. I also get several pounds of scrapple and a couple of Taylor Pork Rolls. Prefer Habbersetts scrapple, also Rapa, you can get homemade scrapple at RTM. Hoagies might travel better than cheesesteaks, depending on your travel plans.

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      I have found that street pretzels (and even pretzels from Miller's Twist) don't travel all that well. If it were me, I'd go for the chocolate peanut butter pretzels at Mueller's (pictured below). They are great and stay fresh for weeks. You could also pick up some Philadelphia-related foods (they also do gift baskets) at the PA General Store or hit Termini's Bakery or the Fourth Street Cookie Co. at the Reading Terminal for sweets, Beiler's for cinnamon buns, or the Dutch Eating Place for apple dumplings.

    2. Kope's dry shoepeg corn is great; Bauman's apple butter(no sugar added) has been in my fridge for decades; South jersey canned tomatoes; David's 4th St. cookies are a few to try.

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        What is Kope's dry shoepeg corn? Sounds like something I might want to serve with Chartreuse? :)

      2. I'll second the PA General Store for all things Phila/PA. Don't forget Tastycakes!

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          Not so much Philly anymore, but the PA General Store sells the always tasty Wilbur Buds.

        2. if you wanted to go a bit more upscale (and if you'll be south), the Green Aisle Grocery on passyunk sells little jarred things from local restaurants like pickles, sauces, etc. I plan on making those gifts next time I need one.

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