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Aug 18, 2010 08:31 AM

Canning supplies in NYC

I usually order through Ace Hardware, but sometimes I need things in a hurry! Any idea where I can get canning supplies like a new pressure weight, etc.? A probe thermometer for my dehydrator?

Also, anyone know where to get a pressure canner gauge tested around here?

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  1. I've only looked for water-bath canning supplies, not pressure, and they have them at Zabar's (upstairs). You might call them first before venturing out.

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      I headed over to Zabar's (upper west side-Manhattan) but was disappointed..
      They had the ball jars which was great but little else equipment wise.
      Did some research on the web and found a great place in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Kitchen in the Williamsburg area.
      They had it all!
      I bought a basic canning Kit which was about $12 bucks and a small canning rack which was about $7. They also have individual items for purchase.
      It's like Zabars but kind of in the middle of nowhere, a touch more expensive and run by hipsters who happen to be very friendly and helpful.
      Looks like they have canning classes among other things which I may take advantage of..

    2. I was only buying jars and lids from them and didnt check what other products they carried but the best prices i could find on ball jars was actually at whole foods - the bowery store has the upstairs section where they sell non-food products like supplies and containers.

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        How much are ball jars? I usually buy mine at Zabar's or Fish's Eddy for $1.50 or less.

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          we were making pickles so i wash shopping quart wide mouth jars, which were going for like 2.75 each at pan handler and were, i believe, under 18 a case at whole foods.

      2. Since I posted this, I found the best is to order online at Ace Hardware and ask for free delivery to your closest store. $10 per case of 12 for the quart size.