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Aug 18, 2010 08:16 AM

STRANGEST / Off-beat/unique restaurant/food item in ATLANTA. (UPDATE!)

DragonCon is near and once again I am headed to Atlanta with my wife. One year ago I posted this and we made it to "Dante's Down the Hatch", "Ann's Snack Bar, and "The Vortex". In a non-related addition, we hit The Varsity and Gladys Knight's as well. This year we are headed to Flip Burger to get a liquid nitrogen cooled milkshake and "Mulligans" in Decatur for a Hamdog and Luther burger (Krispy Kreme Doughnut burger). Does anyone have any additions or suggestions we have missed? Also this year I was thinking of looking for a restaurant where a famous movie scene was filmed or a restaurant where a food dish was invented. Thanks again for all the suggestions last year, we had a great time.

This was my post from last year....

I am driving from Jacksonville to Atlanta for a weekend. I am looking for the strangest / off-beat restaurant on the way and in Atlanta. Food dosen't have to be prime chow, but extremely "wierd" dishes or atmosphere is the key. The more out there the better.

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  1. Well... where to many places do you wanna hit? How much backroads can you take? My family and many friends now use my route up US 1 (Cedar River Seafood, Callahan) to Folkston ( Okeefenokee Restuaurant )...over to Waycross (another Cedar River location across from Wal-Mart ) Alma ( couple fo local burger joints and a good local Chinese place)...over to Hazlehurst ( family favorite Omar's Chik King ) ....Lumber City (Stinson"s BBQ (912) 363-4788 is highly recommended ) ....McRae ( Little Ocmulgee Lodge and State Park )and then either stay on 23 (Golden Isles Parkway towards Eastman & I-16 (with a great detour to Tom & Sandy's Horseshoe (478) 892-3526‎ in Hawkinsville ) or stay on 441 to Dublin/I-16... Jump off outside of Macon for the Whistle Stop Cafe (478) 992-8886...then as up get more towards Atlanta try O.B.'S Real Pit Out-N-Back B.B.Q (770) 954-1234 in McDonough... OK I think that is enough for you for now... happy trails.. shoot me an email if you would like...

    Whistle Stop Cafe
    443 McCrackin St, Juliette, GA 31046

    1. The word extreme doesn't exactly come to mind unless you pair it with retro. Try a Sliver Skillet breakfast of eggs and skillet country ham steak (not the cured ham steak) and red eye gravy (coffee and ham drippings). Photos of a lot of celebrities who've eaten there, or been in movie scenes shot there, abound - originally opened 1956. They say: "We even made the "National Enquirer!" Check out the history link and gallery. That ham dish is sure to wake you up and if you can stand the salt, sop up an extra bowl of red eye gravy (50 cents) with biscuits. You can get the ham with lunch too but they serve breakfast until they close at 2:30PM (2PM on the weekend) Sometimes the waitress gives you a pencil and asks you to make out your order. Be prepared.

      On the way out of town stop by the Dwarf House for some of the best fried pies around. At the V you may have had a good one. IMO the pies at the Varsity are second best. The best fried pies are found at the Dwarf House - open 24 hours. Closed Sunday.

      Dwarf House is the original restaurant opened in 1946 that eventually spawned the Chick-fil-A empire. But it's not like a regular Chick-fil-A and has a different menu including the "hot brown". Get a fried sweet potato pie to go. Heck get a peach also. And apple if you are traditional. Or eat in. For take out, beware, the paper bag will leak a little grease. It's 5 minutes off I-75 near the airport just inside the perimeter highway. I'm not sure why, but you may have to ask for the pies. They might not be on the menu - maybe they are in short supply so you have to be "in the know". Click "View Additional Dwarf House Menu Items" on the web site to see ingredients for the pies, and Hot Brown, or Google for a short version and reviews. The Hot Brown was invented in Kentucky so I read but it is "wierd" food in Atlanta.