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Aug 18, 2010 08:05 AM

Driving I64 - need restaurant suggestion close to highway

We'll be driving from Columbus, OH to Richmond this weekend to drop off our daughter at college. Looking for somewhere for dinner between Lexington and Richmond which has good food, is close to the highway, doesn't require reservations since we won't know exactly what time we'll get there and will allow us to get in and out fairly quickly on Friday evening. Hoping to reach Lexington by 7 and to Richmond by 9 if we didn't stop. Any suggestions or are we being completely unrealistic?

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  1. Wow! I just visited my sister in Westerville, OH, and made that same trip about two weeks ago. We took 33 down to I-77, and it saved us time.

    Lexington is a three college town, and you will have quite a few choices in the downtown area. You will have to go off of the highway. There won't be much between Lexington and Staunton.

    Staunton has a number of good restaurants downtown, but you'd have to get off the highway and go into town.

    If you can get to Waynesboro, VA early enough, then there is a little hole-in-the-wall place called the Basic City Luncheonette that serves good down home food for a very reasonable price. The only night that they are open for dinner is Friday, but they don't stay open late. I do recommend this place.

    Waynesboro will have several restaurants to choose from that are at an I-64 exit. You'll see a Cracker Barrel at that exit. Get off and look around for your other choices. This will be the exit with the most close to the highway choices.

    If you take Rt. 250 towards Charlottesville off the top of Afton Mountain, there is a place called the Blue Mountain Brewery. Google it for the address and directions. This really isn't too much of a detour off of the highway because Rt. 250 kind of parallels I-64 along that stretch. You can get back onto Rt. 250 towards Charlottesville, and pick up I-64 again without backtracking up Afton Mountain. Good food and of course beer.

    Charlottesville is where UVA is located, and will have good places to eat. I don't think many will be close to I-64. In fact, I-64 from Afton Mountain to Richmond is fairly barren. I'd stop somewhere near Waynesboro for convenience.

    Basic City Luncheonette
    408 N Commerce Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980

    1. The Depot Grill in Staunton would be a fine choice for go as you are lunch or dinner in a casual atmosphere. It's a beautiful restaurant serving fine sandwiches, BBQ, fresh seafood and steaks. Get off I 81 at Exit 222 and go W on Richmond Ave. to Greenville Ave. Go W on Greenville Ave. to Middlebrook and take a left.

      I like Bistro on Main in Lexington but you will have to Exit I 81 and go downtown. Dine on the porch if the weather is nice.

      The Depot Grill @ 42 Middlebrook Ave., Staunton, VA 540 - 885 - 7332.
      Bistro on Main @ 8 North Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 464 - 4888.

      1. The South River Grill has outstanding food for lunch or dinner at Exit 94 off I 64 in Waynesboro. It's just a minute or two N of I 64 at Exit 64. Take a right off I 64 on Rosser Ave. and turn at the first right on Windigrove Dr.

        South River Restaurant and Wine Shop @ 23 Windigrove Dr., Waynesboro, VA 540 - 942 - 5567.